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I went to Cooperstown with my son Jordan and at a in the the breakfast in the morning every every hall of fame player Iconic Player was walking through so Ernie banks before he passed away Hank Aaron Bob Gibson. I just I couldn't believe it. I was just in our this thinking myself. I've only my father was alive to see this but about ten minutes in a God walked in and I'm looking at him and I just I can't believe it's him and it was one of the ones like you just mentioned off. Stay stay before we got on about Michael Jordan when he when this guy walked in. I couldn't talk I was like starting to sweat and it was Sandy Koufax. Oh Wow and Colfax walked and I swear the whole room turned around everyone and he was so regal and so handsome and so a wrecked shape great shape and and I just couldn't I couldn't get off my chair and my son Jordan kept on saying you gotta go introduce yourself. I couldn't do it now. Of course I missed it for listener though because yeah if you say a little I don't really WanNa talk to you then. You lose that for our listeners. you know one of the things that people don't know about Colfax besides being greatest pitchers of all time he was even bigger icon in the Jewish community yes and wouldn't pitch and he would've pinched Shalom right. I mean it it was down for Chabad but I spent some time with him in the world series and I gotTa tell you he is probably the best left handed pitcher of all time and even a better person with unbelievable character there and like you said our incredible regal carries him. He's a good looking guy. This looks like the white hair ear and the Guy all right look. I'm feel find saying remember when he came out. When the dodgers in the world series last the world series a million times never won it but he comes out and it's like well kind of breathtaking Sandy Koufax. There is all right so those are baseball like little mini entrepreneur to be a great leader so let's let's start with the story of starbucks. Maybe walk us through you graduate. Ah College Xerox Yeah and by complete almost accident you walk into a starbucks store right. You tell us that story. I was working for a company that had sold a product to starbucks so I came to Seattle for the first time in eighty-one and I walked into the first store at the pike place market and was was swept away with just the essence of the experience and basically for a year I tried to convince the two founders to hire me and the and I was successful came out in one thousand nine hundred to my wife. Sherry and I and our dog Durham golden retriever drove three thousand miles kane the Seattle. We had six stores. When I arrived a year later I went to Italy for the first time to a trade show for starbucks and while I was there ran into hundreds of Italian espresso bars prior to that starbucks coffee company did not sell any beverage average just coffee for the home so when I saw the romance to theater at a sense of community I raced home to the founders and said I I think I've seen the future of the business we have to transform starbucks and bring out Espresso. They didn't think it was great idea so they didn't want to do it so to make a long story short. I left starbucks and started my own coffee company and open three coffee bars with Christine Day. Wow too in Seattle one in Vancouver. What what was it called illegitimately came after the Italian newspaper I don't know how long we have but I gotTA keep place. Okay okay so I don't have a salary. We're just really struggling and starbucks itself gets into financial trouble. After it acquires a company in California called Pete's coffee the company so pizza in starbucks one company. The founder of starbucks comes to me and says we're going to sell starbucks. We can't keep both companies. He's we think you're the right. GotTa buy okay. Two quick stories. The first one is as I said I had no salary and she was pregnant with our first. The child Jordan and Sheri's parents come and visit US insurance father says I like you. WanNa take a walk with you. Oh that's always is a problem yeah yeah okay so we go for a walk and he says listen my my daughter's eight months pregnant. She's she's still working You've you've got a dream but it's a hobby. You gotta get a job. Why I start crying. Thank crying embarrassed. I said well I I understand. Let me talk sharing so that night later that night there they go to bed. I share the story. She's outraged that her father would have said that to me. So at that moment of Sherry would have said I think he's right. there'd be no. I wouldn't be here. You'd be talking to somebody right. She says we're GONNA see the stroke and she supported me. We raised the money however in raising money to acquire starbucks something really dramatic happened and that is he gave me sixty days to acquire the company. This is the pizza owner yeah the original start regional starbucks yeah right and not so sixty days exclusive and he came to me and it was three point point eight million dollars to buy six stores in eighty-seven now. I didn't have three point eight million. I had to go out and raise. The money counts to me in thirty days and he says how you doing so so I got half of it raised. I'm sure I'll find the other half but I did not know if I could and he says to me. One of your investors from Ilter Nali has come to me. Four million dollar offer all cash no due diligence. We're GONNA have to take and I said no way. You can't do that right so here's the punchline I tell a friend of mine the story my whole life is about to end this is going to be a crushing blow and he says estimate you gotta go see the senior partner of our law firm tomorrow morning. I said Okay I will who is it and he says a name. I never heard Bill Gates senior. Oh my gosh senior right not gates right so eight o'clock in the morning. Go See Bill Gates senior. I tell them the whole story and he says digitally you left anything out. I said no everything you told me true. I said yes and he says come back in two hours literally okay so I I leave. I come back in two hours and Bill Gates senior says Howard come on. Let's go for a walk I said. Where are we going. He said we're GONNA. Go see the man. The man is trying to steal the company. Oh Wow so. I don't know if you call them. I don't know any is it okay so we my heart is palpable tasting. I don't know what's what's GonNa Happen. We walk in and he storms into the guy's office and he and sit Bill Gates Seniors six foot seven big man and at the time was the lawyer in town. This other guy was to tighten businessperson in Seattle at that time and eighty seven and he leans over his desk and he says you should be ashamed of yourself. I saw trying to steal. This kid's dream so this is what's going to happen. WE'RE GONNA Walk Outta here. Howard's going to buy the company and you're going to stand down and we walkout and I say I said Mr Gates what what just happened right and he said you're going to buy the company and I'm going to help you with my son. My son and I can help you now. Mike now listen to this day. Bill Gates senior never told a soul of the humble act of helping me never charged me nothing so year and a half ago at the Microsoft CEO Summit. I'm speaking and sought at the. NFL The CEO Microsoft who's on the starbucks sports is you've got to tell that story because bills in the front row I tell the story. I assume they'll knows if I get off stage and he says who was that who was the guy and I said you don't know he said my dad never told me the story story so the humility of brigade senior and having my back like that helping this kit so Sherry Schultz at night says we're in this we're sticking and Bill Gates senior. the reason at starbucks was able to build this company. That's fantastic. I mean that that believable unbelievable what I love about those stories I think a lot of people who glorify entrepreneurial like behavior haven capitalism which you built your company on think that it just someone who did it all now sells and they were better than everyone else but you're you what you just said it. Is it takes you know some help. It takes some lock. It takes like people too. I'm not the smartest room on the way but it's a team sport right it. So now we have a lot of young listeners that are in college going to school entrepreneurs and they all look up to you walk us through the exercise sure cise so now. How old are you at a time.

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