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And the melting head at the end of raiders lost i but he he would go on he directed the sequel to the flying mel brooks produced as well which is with eric stokes yeah as the son of brundle fly says one thing with this with this series you have the kind of vincent price movie from nineteen fifty eight and had two sequels as well and the secret of the first one was the son of the fly and then there was another the grandson afterwards and this one it's the families really don't learn apparently jeff goldblum row vincent price letter after the film's release instead of hope hope you like this much as i liked yours an prices reply that was the wonderful to a certain point but when a little bit too far so matt you've seen the vincent price originally the fifty seven fifty eight fifty eight i think it came out how does it compare to this i mean it's really good solid fifties scifi horror yet it's a lot of fun it's added it compares i mean it's based on a short story i believe that was going to publish it was published in playboy i mean it's been awhile since see it short run isn't eighteen movies that were remaking movies from the past like the thing the blob is an invasion of the task the remake of that is terrific yeah we love so much about it so you mentioned the the kind of gross out effects but can revisiting it it's perhaps cronenburg's most mainstream.

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