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Is like this one off right now well the one and it was instruction medical for the for the more progressive last that's not about your university of you can it was just meeting was about you go about something fall more interesting which is needed and specifically about my relationship with ugly people i'm here to talk to you about why all the people hate me and why they hate you to i couldn't really short presentation because he also is in fact for simple they hate it because i'm beautiful that because i told the truth they hate it because i like all of the beautiful people in hollywood who spent liberal lies she fresh and they can use to make people feel blessed i casey much challenge people play them last make him think if the minimum comfortable sometimes but it is the they gets me off more than the sort of being captured by some all the pirates is the sound of my own voice so i get to talk it a bit more detail about now it is the ugly people come to end up with swing politics where the list when people are more likely to in turn makes themselves uglier and why that might be why they hate you and what you can do about it besides fittest okay people i've always been deleted is every progressive just look at the temperate is woman the members of my audience we with you because of the me you know since they were you there but it was quite a long time ago they tend to be sex listen join us people a nothing makes that kind of person happy than telling other people what they're allowed to do they don't have join their own lives and they want to make as a miserable as they all there's just politics or about policing behavior no people especially students they're love telling you what and having a hole i'm to drop a time one any speech that they don't like as a clarion calls every personal to get back at people who have something they do and one of the fortunate injustice is you know you know species.

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