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Allah bad then gunman entered the compound shortly after that and children in schools and people living nearby fled the area at as one witness described as the attackers were entering the building gunfire was was being heard at the same time four attack is in police uniform were told by a police official commonly used tactic but there was no immediate confirmation of that this man described what was happening as the gunfire went on behind him louis slow widow rosa alice should but of the issues he says he was shot when he heard gun shots and explosions and then suicide attack is still in the building the decide the situation is quite bad and that he saw several injured and dead bodies jonathan blake or the attack comes several months after the international committee of the red cross announced it was dramatically reducing operations in afghanistan following a string of attacks on its personnel in october of last year the icrc said it had no choice but to drastically cut back its staff especially in the northern regions of the country including kunduz province james menendez book to his enter any head of the icrc in afghanistan and asked her for her reaction to the attack on the save the children operation in jalalabad what happening in afghanistan right now a confirmation that humanitarian workers remain that a clear softtarget in this country we have suffered a lot last year in the north of afghanistan in pre.

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