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To events in Iowa scheduled this weekend. For NPR news. I'm Quincy Walters in Lawrence. The Pacific northwest is feeling the effects of a strong winter storm this weekend as Oregon public broadcasting's mirror Powell reports snowfall in the Portland area, varied widely from as much as a half foot to other areas that were barely dusted grocery store, aisles and gas stations sat empty Friday night as residents made last-minute preparations in downtown Portland and farther, south in the suburbs. Residents experienced a slight dusting people to the east of Portland were hit hard, Oregon department of transportation's. Peter Murphy says this is a learning experience for an area. That's not used to snow. Good to go through an experience such as this. Because. It does make us think about how ready we are personally and our vehicles are to navigate in these kind of conditions. Additional storm systems are set to arrive in Portland Sunday evening and earlier into next week for NPR news. I'm your Powell in Portland. Major stock indexes ended mixed on Friday. The s&p. Nasdaq index is were both up slightly while the Dow lost sixty three points or about three tenths of a percent. This is NPR news. A carton all that. Pope Francis had fired as the Vatican's doctrinal chief has written a manifesto of faith holding the church's traditional tenants as NPR Sylvia Majoli reports. Although the document never mentioned Francis by name, it's considered the latest attack on the pope by one of his conservative Catholic. Critics cardinal gear had Mueller's manifesto was published by conservative Catholic media outlets. That oppose Francis is emphasis on mercy rather than on strict adherence to church morals and doctrine. The German Cardinal said he wrote the manifesto in the face of growing confusion about the doctrine of the faith. And because he said many bishops priests religious and laypeople had requested it. He said some church leaders have abandoned the people entrusted to them unsettling them and severely damaging their faith. The manifesto was published a few days after Francis signed a joint declaration of fraternity with a prominent Muslim leader, traditionalist Catholic. Alex opposed dialogue with Islam. So people Jolie NPR news, Rome. French yellow vest protest, turned violent and Peres demonstrators. Tried to storm the French National Assembly and thirteenth consecutive week of unrest believes using batons and firing tear-gas in Peres to disperse demonstrators. Some of whom threw debris at riot police one person suffered a serious hand injury. And police said more than twenty demonstrators had been arrested the yellow vest movement began over a hike in fuel prices, but has morphed into a more general protest against French president Emmanuel Macron, I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Kauffman foundation working together with communities and education and entrepreneurship to create uncommon solutions and empower people to shape their lives and be more successful more online at Kaufman dot org. United States southern border. It's almost two thousand miles long. Very terrain on earth. It's become big news. See some folks that want to build a wall. Two thousand mile long wall to keep on wanted people on the other side. Suggests blocking children in cages. The parents. So they applaud the firings when she again. Other those who advocate United States actually bullets. Scary situation that keeps getting scarier. Day on snap judgment. We're going to tell a border story. This story starts for far far away from the border. We're gonna calling the border half. Instead of telling you several stories just one. In Washington look around around. People who they are. You're listening to snap. Snapface. Listen regularly to this show. You may know that I've somehow occasionally as having nerd tendencies. Star Trek comics, superheroes. Comes to work computers. This guy. He's the real. Knickknacks. Self taught hacker from Long Island listeners. Please note this episode does contain clean, racial slur. As such listener discretion is advised. Hogging is a gift packing is a bomb. When it I believe. It's like you can see numbers. You can see things for anybody else would make sense. It's language. A passion. Axles pretty amazing with a computer can defenses and exploit weaknesses. He's used hacking to get on the good side of some pretty powerful people. But way before all of that before he was hacking his way in and out of danger, axel was just a nerdy..

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