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Those names they're going to be all over the weekend talk show host sunday talk shows we know nothing occurred at the meeting here we of heroes training for deployment and their dead here's another story utterly unrelated patrol our attention to from philly dot com cousins cosmo denardo sean kratz arraigned and bucks county slayings this is near i was born and where i'm from on from montgomery county this has bucks county in neighboring county outside of philadelphia a pair of cousin charged in connection with the disappearance and slayings of four young men missing since early this month ordered held without bail today just hours after being charged in the case cosmo denardo twenty of bensalem confessed to police that he killed the men after luring them in with offers to southern marijuana with his cousin sean kratz twenty of philadelphia he burned three of the bodies in a battle tank he called the pig roster and buried them on his family's salisbury touch the state according to court filings released today those gruesome details emerged as denardo and croats were charged with multiple counts of conspiracy homicide abuse of a corpse as the investigation into their slaying shifted focus to his role in the case but as for a motive to explain what led the pair tweet series of killings that have gripped philadelphia much of the region for the past week bucks county district attorney matthew wine trap had no explanation he said i'm not sure if i could we could ever answer that question we have the two men locked up the need to be brought to justice he said and very very relieved to say that we brought four men one step closer to their loved ones district attorney explained that he offered to take the death penalty off the table in hopes of securing did orders cooperation in locating the body of the fourth missing man jimmy taro.

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