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He looked like Sergio cordova, which to me doesn't sound good, but to Doyle sounds great. So I of the beholder. Amanda Garcia looked like a goal scoring striker for Minnesota United. No one knows so who apparently sits a good luck message to his teammates ahead of this, but as chosen not to come to preseason and now the start of the regular season, we will see if he ever shows back up from Minnesota. That's a pretty big TV at this point, but vinegar Garcia gets the goal in Minnesota and I didn't go to Dallas and when that is both thrilling for Minnesota United, but also has to be hugely hugely disappointing Doyle for FC Dallas. Yeah, FC Dallas looked like the bad version of FC Dallas that we saw too often last year where everything is static. And they don't get numbers into the box. They play in a really precise way. And when they can move the pieces on the chessboard and the way they want, they're really, really tough to beat. But there are times when they open up gaps, and they're just not instinctive about exploiting them. That's number one. Number two is the only guy who's ever sort of attacking that space in behind the back line. Is Paul areola. The last guy doesn't do it. His or Ferreira doesn't do it. It can make them, it can make it very comfortable to play against them. And I don't think they ever made a Minnesota side that's influx that's working in a new center back that just cut the guy who was supposed to be their starting right back. Like the day of the game, like they never made this team uncomfortable. And that's not totally out of the realm of what should be expected of FC Dallas. And I do wonder if Nico estevez is going to figure out going to have to figure out a way to spice it up. Is Jesus him and as a guy that can change any of that? I don't think so.

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