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Left field Good one, and it's gone. A three run homer by Correa Afterwards, Korea said. It's special to be in the Zs for the fourth straight season, something only done by a handful of teams. We're not done yet. You know, we want strike for more when I go in the next series and be able to compete and win that one also, so you know it's great, but we want more. The Astros were facing to the Yankees with raids the CS starting Sunday at San Diego's Petco Park. First catch on the Astros action over on sports Talk 7 90 Katya Reach news time is 403, the commission on presidential Debates, which for months refused calls from the Trump campaign to change the debate schedule has suddenly thrown a wrench into next week's debate by announcing it must be virtual Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley smelling a rant after President Trump Destroys Joe Biden in a debate and after vice President Pence crushes Kamala Harris the next morning unilaterally without calling our campaign for sure. I can't speak on behalf of the Biden campaign, they change. The debate just a week before it's supposed toe happen, as in, Trump says he will not participate in a virtual debate, instead offering to push back the next two debates by a week. Biden campaign rejecting that move. Add Amazon Prime Day is coming up next week. The annual two day shopping event kicks off at 2 A.m. on Tuesday and will include discounts on over one million items. Target is also having its own sales of it during the same two day period..

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