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Women I think the real Russian underestimated miscalculations This is the fact that we are pretty locked up with Europe with NATO and the European Union And including neutrals in the Russians I think are at the edge of a precipice They know they can probably get initial advantage but it gets harder and harder and harder The other challenge I think the Russians have it They've kind of boxed themselves into a diplomatic cul de sac And they have to find a way to extract themselves from this situation Or they double down with all the risks that go with that As you know the U.S. has a long history of funneling arms overseas to intervene in conflicts Where the U.S. does not have boots on the ground and with results that aren't always what the U.S. intended Are there lessons from the past that might be instructive here Well I think that the first point is this is Eastern Europe This is really part of if you will the overall aggregate of which we in Europe believe in the transatlantic ideally the success full negotiation between Russia and Ukraine to figure out a ways through key even mosque which proven it's not possible And that's why we are and European allies are involved in all of this What's the alternative Do we just let them get evaded Or do we make the costs so high on the ground level military but also the diplomatic and the economic and you've mentioned that in the past this is a huge consequential decision for Russia Russia is huge but in the end not that big when you get into their military and the issues that they have to deal with internally So they have to be very careful or this blows back on them in a really really bad way So yes the Ukrainians deserve to have defensible lethal weapons Just to make this a little bit personal I mentioned you used to serve As America's defense and cliche at the U.S. embassy in Moscow including in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea What feels the same What feels different to you about this current situation We during the early phases certainly with Crimea and early donbas eastern Ukraine there was a lot of fog warned before that I'd call flock of peace We just didn't know exactly what was going on We were getting reports and strange guys in uniform and disinformation is flying The Russians have been utterly unambiguous about this They have basically paraded over a 100,000 troops and that's just the tip of it There would be things coming in behind them But that is along the border which is coercion in the classical sense And then they're doing all the things that we're reading about The cyber and discussions of it's very clear they're there And your argument would be Ukraine deserves a chance to fight And they deserve a chance to fight Mary Louise Yes they do General Peter's walk is a global fellow at the Wilson center's cannon institute Thank you Thank you so much Hospitals are struggling to care for a record surge in COVID patients In normal times patients who arrive at community hospitals but need more specialized care are typically transferred to a larger teaching hospital But with hospitals full or close to full all across Massachusetts now these lifesaving transfers are much harder to arrange As Martha Bieber at WBUR in Boston explains there are cases now of patients who die while waiting In the small town of brimfield school buses fire engines police cars and utility trucks rolled past Athens pizza in December paying tribute to pizza shop owner Tony santina He died from complications related to COVID.

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