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It was good, but I only knew a few songs from blue ice to cult and the Godzilla with the still waiting for the Lou to put the fucking Godzilla head on. You gotta get the good of doing ahead in your background somewhere. I think if I had when it would be there, you'd know that. I've been working with a designer interior decorations. So it'd be more memorabilia. I was never a big deal fan. I didn't like his stylist singing. The devil horns, by the way. That's right. That was my favorite period of Sabbath. Shoot me now. That's how I grew up on. Ten years old when he joined him. So I got live evil in the way he's saying Black Sabbath the song. Wow. That's right. Again, I always like the original, I don't like change too much, and I was an original Black Sabbath fan. Big fan. So Ronnie James Dio, neon knights, August 29th, 2009. As it goes, Ronnie James Dio's final performance came fronting heaven and hell. The collaboration featuring former Black Sabbath members, Tony Iommi Giza butler and Vinny apiece. The band toured heavily following the release of the 2009 album, the devil you know, with stops throughout the U.S. in Europe, the trek closed on October 29th with the date in Atlantic City, though the singer was well into his 60s, Theo hadn't lost any of the power that made him one of the most recognizable voices of rock. I will give him that and he was a little dude too. What was he like 5 7 5 8 or something? It wasn't. He was Shakira height. He was not a big dude, but he had a big voice. I'll give him that. I'm 5 8, which is the average height of the American male. He was short on me. Okay. He's like 5 5 or something like that. I think you're giving yourself a little too much credit. I don't think 5 8 is the average. It is the average height of the American male. And the average height of the Hollywood leading man. Tom Cruise, I'm just about to pull a concrete. I don't think Brad Pitt is 5 8, so I'm just saying. Okay. Where was I? The band toward heavily Europe, the check closed October 29th, recognizeable voices in rock. Okay, the band delivered a high energy set featuring songs from its new LP mixed with Sabbath classics. The final tune of the evening was an emphatic rendition of neon knights just a few short months after the performance deer would be diagnosed with stomach cancer. He succumbed to the disease in 2010. Poor bastard. Do you know when he put out his first single? This is incredible. 19 60. No, 59. 59. That's right. Yeah. That's right. He was like a doo wop guy. Ben was called dwarf or something. Wasn't it? A Massachusetts. He lived up in Massachusetts and the event was called elf.

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