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Judgement there there's the dirschau professor dershowitz of harvard landed down he's completely correct here folks he is spot on with this know that that the cia thinks that in a what what some of them had for lunch yesterday's classified i mean it's a you look at the fbi it's the same thing in every everything is classified all the time and then when this happens and you have keep in mind this isn't like they led a bunch of people just walk in off the street like hey pick some documents that you think would be cruel to read you know they're not like hunting around for the roswell files here this is on a matter of urgent national importance i keep saying this i said earlier tonight on fox a presidency is at stake here even if the muller probe does not yet what the democrats are hoping it will which is something that finally for once for the first time create some real issue of russia connectivity a one of the trump people not even trump himself uh we need to know and if they don't poll that together even if they don't prove anything the processes the punishment and the democrats know that that's what they did just want the investigation to keep going and going in grinding on you know the democrats view the muller probe as let the really annoying relative that you can never get to leave your house you know who's just just at wack wack wack wack energy in your ear all the time won't stop and it can drive you mad and prevents you from getting done what you have to get done on a daytoday basis they just want that annoying grinding voice so to speak to be wearing the administration down that's what the muller probe early is russia.

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