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Or plays by barstool sports, it is a very big episode with a lot going on in the world. Currently, we have max homa who just won his fourth PGA Tour event. We are one week away from the PGA Championship, which is the second major of the year. Tiger Woods will be playing, no clue a Phil Mickelson is playing. We have more news about Phil Mickelson and potential debts. We have comments from Sergio Garcia, we have a bunch of fan questions to get to. We have some drama at barstool sports. We have in the current NHL world, St. Louis blues are tied to two, the rangers are down to one that could change, by the time this podcast comes out. And the New York islanders have just announced in a stunner minutes ago that they fired head coach Barry trots after a terrible season, but the year before and the year before that, they head back to back appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals. I doubt anybody on this show will have any thoughts on that whatsoever. The father we do. What the fuck on the you boys? On the heels of the rangers being the biggest embarrassment of the NHL playoffs over the last week. The islanders go out on a day that just didn't didn't need to happen. There's no contracts up or anything. There's nothing going on. The islanders are out golfing, enjoying the off season. You know, let these other teams get their shit done. The rangers are in the place. They're losing, blowing leads. They can't win over triple overtime. They come all the way back. They get their hearts ripped out by the 45 year old penguins. Then all of a sudden Lula Morello out of the fucking clouds, fires what is to me the most successful, bright shining light in my lifetime as a New York islanders fan. Barry trots was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my sports fandom life. As a New York islanders fan and he has now been thrown to the curb, kicked out saying that the team needs a new voice and this was a decision that was not taken that was not made easy, and it was not made overnight, which I don't even know what that means. You know, Barry trots made three consecutive playoff runs, two consecutives, Eastern Conference Finals runs. His record with the islanders is absurd compared to where they were, my whole life. I mean, you're talking 8 and 70 type team, or you're talking the worst teams of all time in those early 2000s years with the New York islanders. And to have somebody must have it out for them. It was like some of the scoring like offensive player must have been..

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