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I told the judge, the guy sold himself to the other party. I hired the large Edna company in the world to do the d n a. The Didna Kimmel If he and, um They said most of my family is that who they are now because I did all this, Edna, Um all of the civilians arm or M C. M. C. You were going off in way different directions You walked you wanted you put you put you did Edna to ask you produced to be Edna test to prove that this cousin is the sun. Where the government of the man and it was. It was equivocal. There was no proof It was not one way or the other right. It's just up there. He was 99.99% that that he was the father that he wants. And But the judge closed the case, saying he wasn't the father. Is that right? I went to court and told the judge that my attorney sold himself to the other party and that I would like to continue with the case by myself and the judge said. Let me read your case, and I'm gonna take it home because he heard the case. Okay. All right. So we have to make us a little quicker. You're taking a long time. They have court attorneys against me. So I went to the judge and I said to the judge, why would they hope it is like, Why would they have four attorneys against you to establish Edna proof? There's a daughter out there for guys been in a convalescent home for decades. What? Why is it so important? What money? There was money. How much was how much He left a lot of count. $5700 in cash for attorneys, okay? All right. And then the attorneys. And how did you get happened? By the way? How did you How what relationship do you have with this child? Well, at the beginning. I thought he was my concept, All right, But he's not. So what relation? How did they let you go into court? Who are you? I don't know. But somebody who defend somebody's right you don't have you don't have. That's not you is that I went and I wrote, I wrote emotion. I wrote everything. I went to the California but also say I did all that about myself. Wow. And they let you in the court. Okay, So what? What was the jungle cake? So what did the judge say? I made a mistake. The next time we have a motion the next time we had an appointment, I made a mistake. Why don't we just scared and I pull out? OK, So you went through the cake? Wouldn't matter me for pulling out because the judge was gonna punish them All. Okay, So now let me throw a country s O. The judge dismissed the case. Is that correct? The judge. Just let them have the money and he was very angry at me for pulling up here, Then you be. The judge dismissed the case. Yes, they did. They did they did. The judge dismissed the case with prejudice or without prejudice. Bill. I don't know that that doesn't help me. None of that. None of this helps me, unfortunately, because none of it makes sense. All right, where you actually can walk into court and your attorney gets bought off and joins the other side. And, uh, I mean, it's just it's It's impossible for that to happen and great story, But I have no idea where you're going with that..

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