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Debbie, Ryan East Woodlawn, Indian Hills discussed on Terry Meiners


Zero eleven ninety seven eight hundred nine three zero eleven ninety seven and online at Debbie has the buyers dot com if you're the roadways this afternoon watch had occurred and Ryan east Woodlawn the wrapping up an earlier serious injury crash they've been working there for a while also watch crystal vehicle sixty five north bound your crit into another stall on seventy one south bound near Indian hills also green wooden sky blue a crash another one advance like in Palatka and Rockford lane and hillside and also in the west and we have an accident thirty eight indoor hot for our next report in fifteen minutes about the Ellis newsradio eight forty WHAS hi folks with the updated forecast some W. okay why chief meteorologist Jay card C. as we roll through this Wednesday night it's gonna stay breezy and warm temperatures slowly coming down through.

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