Christian School, Andrew Klavan, President Trump discussed on Bob Brinker


Change your policies to keep your educational opportunities say nothing so that you'll preserve your public reputation in this more important cultural fighting is critical to wrap our arms around principals not politicians. There's not one darn thing. Even the president can or should you to force Sheridan to associated with the kids? From a manual combating. Intolerance is a matter of persuasion. It depends on Christians exercising a degree of personal courage and resolve if you see a colleague facing persecution for his beliefs stand with him if a Christian school faces public. Shame and public sanction for its fidelity to scripture send your kids anyway. Silence and complaints only embolden those who seek to sideline Christian thought and belief by the way, if you think that this lefty school would bar competition with the Muslim school that believe the same things, you're dead wrong. Of course, they wouldn't just anti Christian bigotry because we people on the left. I believe that people who disagree with them are just plain evil, unless of course, those people agree with them about the evil hierarchical structures of the United States in a second. I gonna give you a an amazing example of the social Justice left at work and how they target folks. First, let's talk about how you can get more from this show. This show is a three hour day. But you get even more when you go over to daily wire dot com and click on the subscribe button at the top of the daily wire premium subscribers are the only people who can watch all three hours every day. No commercials that is right zero commercials. A daily wire subscription includes not only all three hours of the show commercial free. You can ask me questions through the mail bag. You can watch live and recorded episodes of the Andrew klavan show. The Michael Knowles show them that Walsh show and much more. Plus as part of a limited time offer, you got the exclusive leftist. Here's tumbler hot or cold. Are you tired of just listening to this beautiful voice? And you want to see the magnificent face upon that beautiful.

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