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FBI here in Seattle, and that car fire was very close to those headquarters. So that's why we've seen such a strong presence, a big presence of law enforcement numbers of units from the Seattle Police Department. Dozens of officers on scene. But again, the real reason they're here is because it's near a federal building this car fire and it's on this weekend as we're leading up to inauguration date. Roads in the area was shut down for several hours while officers investigated. The truck has since been towed away. Right now, all 50 state capitals are on high alert for potential demonstrations this weekend. Security forces that are Capitol campus in Olympia are prepared for armed protests and 8 FT fence surrounds much of the Capitol campus, and National Guard members and state troopers are assigned to protect the grounds. This comes after the U. S capitol siege and violence and in our state when protesters breached the gate at the governor's mansion that same day. It's also in preparation for protest ahead of leading up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. Chelsea Hudson with ws pieces they are ready for any threat on the Capitol campus or elsewhere in a Libya. We have enough personnel on hand to handle whatever is gonna happen, You know, unprecedented times. Obviously everybody's really unsatisfied in the lake is a really disturbing time for everybody. Law enforcement says there's no explicit threat against the state capital, but the increased security around the capital will last through Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. Department of Health says all eight regions of the state will remain in phase one of the governor's healthy Washington plan until at least January. 25th comas, Nick problem reports and counties are concerned about being lumped with different counties in the same region. We've seen throughout the pandemic times when we've been doing better than other counties and other kind has been doing better than us, which presents a significant scenario. First, the Homos County executive Dave Summers right now, none of the group two regions in Washington are able to move on to Phase two. But even though they're technically in the Puget Sound region, Summers would want to be rewarded for his county's progress. Not just the region's progress. If we got to the point where snow which county was meeting all the criteria, we would be asking the governor to let us go because our businesses are suffering and our families you're suffering, But neither Snohomish nor the Puget Sound region are progressing in that way. The region as a whole is still not seeing enough of a decline in covert 19 hospitalizations. Along with that, according to the Department of Health. Snohomish County's positivity rate over the last week was 20%. Let's go, almost Nick Pop on reporting. We drive through vaccination sites are now open in Snohomish County..

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