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You're in india right trained in psa guys out there yeah we were i was in india last november i've been going there for the last three or four years and like those guys literally contacted me by you know be facebook in email and started sending me videos and they're like redoing of the stuff and so the first time in our and i went out there and i was i was so impressed with with those guys just by like very little to no dog sport culture like there was never even ipo trial there well the first the first dog for trial in india was usa drawl we al so they're like just building dog sport culture there and so you know they you know from watching youtube videos and you know and from you know from just trial and error you know like they didn't even have hidden sleeves we like duct taping phone books around there well like you know we when i went out there for the very first seminar you know they're like hey can you bring a hidden sleeve and i was like yeah you know i brought one out to him and they'd been using just take a newspaper and so we call that the indian hidden sleep and our our assistant director decoys i set up a seminar for him to do out there this past year and he went out there and who's working dogs and he he tried to indian hidden and so he's you know he's working he's working the dogs and after about five or six bytes the dog saliva starts breaking the paper down.

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