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Should come as no surprise. But I think that when you when you started, it should be there. So you institutionalize it from the beginning it it shapes every decision you make and guides those. Really, kind of critical Foundational pieces of the business. So. I mean I. Don't think it's something that is cost prohibitive I think that it's I think there's a lot of fear around getting it wrong and so people say well, I don't WanNa, get it wrong. So I'm just not going to do it or. it's what's what's more important is the kind of bottom line or growing the business and so equity and justice or Diversey inequity or whatever Lens you want to give it a title kind of takes a back seat to these other kind of bigger issues whether it's fundraising or. Membership. But. I think when you infuse it into all of that. It. It it just it grows the business. With justice being centered I think that when you center this work, it becomes a bit of your North Star and guides you in making decisions that that. Really focused on the well being of people versus the bottom line. So. Yeah. I think that we've done that a few times where we've said, yeah, this is This is not about the dollars this about what's best for Justice Yes we have and also you know I think the. Lesson. For me in the work of pursuing justice has been about building my capacity to fell into stand in feedback Into, not collapse around the conversation of race to knock collapse around the conversation of where white supremacy resides in both the club in myself and and I will say although a lot of that investigation which is ongoing has been painful hard and all of those things it has also. been a source of joy and. A that work in that education for me has been. Heart opening and. I've got a lot of it's been a collectivist education with the women around me and you both. And there's been a lot of joy attached to my say that because they think for many white women listening to this right now, they might sometimes entering in to those spaces can feel very. Scary and Heart Am. I don't want down play how how yet it does take courage to confront where where this stuff is in our bodies in our lives and our children everywhere. But also. There's joy and freedom in the process. And to add to that. You know in terms of that role within the organization I think it's really important that that role is infused with power and the ability to make decisions and so I think that is something that I have at the Jane Club that I can bring whatever programming I choose that I can kind of you know. Really, make some pretty strong decisions and I have a have a good deal of. Kind of. Positional. Authority to do that, which I think really sets this apart from how I've seen this position in most of my other professional spaces where it's almost always kind of like an advisory role. And when it comes to making really substantive. Changes these positions are empowered to do so and I really think that's Kinda sets sets this role apart at least in my own experience. Oh I, just I i. hope that the listeners here that and if they decide to have this kind of role within the organization that you give this person power and you give them the tools and the skills to really make some changes but I did want to before we wrap up. Ask you both to talk a bit about where you want to go beyond the club. What's the dream of dreams beyond the work that we're doing here? I mean, well, we're just stay with me forever. I mean I know jokes about it in the beginning. Honestly listeners I'm very secure a dope leave. And I know they're going to get scooped up but I. Can't keep them. If anyone needs them come take but I there have been so foundational in building this And I know I've I've taken up a lot of the airtime with my enormous celebrity at I love being so famous. Get me wrong but. Truly. SHUNT. Have have created this space and but I I would love them to talk a bit about what they're. They're Dream next thing is. Because by the way, that is my hope for the club, which is at everybody who comes in it's used as a pipeline for their next big thing, and that includes our team and includes every Jane who's in there that includes our employees I'll start by saying I was very surprised. Again, I've mentioned all I did was sort of show up to get a job during programming and some meditation and Willie received a great deal more and although I am clearly on the side of. An employee and not a member. I still get the benefits of what happens to you at the Jane Club again that support and that community in that incubation for your ideas and people to run them by all of that I would say that my next again, I feel like I have like blossomed into a bladder butterfly myself in the time that I've been at the club and received a lot of clarity about what it is that I, wanted to do. So following along again with my sort of Buddhist Meditation Life I would like to have my own center where people can come and meditate and by that I mean opening the doors to those who are either kept. Out For financial reasons, people who've just not been exposed to it. people certainly like they can't do it or it's not accessible. Meditation has saved my life saved it. It is turned me into a different someone who can listen when you talk. That's because meditated. It is done something really profound than in my own. Again, my own sort of heartbeat would be with those particularly women of color who have perhaps disordered eating come from trauma background something that I can really speak to again I find that this tool is invaluable and I feel like it's part of my life's mission to bring it to spread it and to give it to those who desperately need it I would love to be. The head of a community that can provide that and a lot of that again has come from my work at the Jane Club. So much of it has come from the Jane Club I'm so grateful. So grateful for it. Love hearing Nachon to. Yeah. I'm thinking about my next thing to, but Neelam G I was actually going to say. June. Love to hear what your night's big thing is I wanted to add one other thing too. For Shanta I think she's passed one of the most Compassionate people I've ever met. So enchanted I'll just wait for your compliment of me when. I'm heading ready. Again. We can edit stuff in later we need to do So I. Think. This is this is such a question and it's a very hard question for me right now because as you both know, my life is in a bit of flux. Think. My parents had done so much for me in my life and. They've never asked anything of me and my dad asked for me to help him and so I'm here..

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