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Landed on fire festival, which was suggested by one Zoe Lister Jones. It's just a sickening thing. Just from start to finish the the like toxic masculinity and the white privilege and all of it. I will say a big ups to the dude who was willing to suck dick for every on. I been there baby. But. When I left it on my couch when I left my television for my couch. It was such an indictment of like influence culture, and and social media and just like as an influence where I found that like no, I was, but and so it made me think a lot about like how disgusting all of that is. But then I went on Twitter. This is just an addendum to my rant. And there's been a go fund me for the Bahamian woman who lost so much of her money on her time and energy in devoting it to these disgusting trash fire people and they've raised one hundred eighty four thousand dollars. So I I it was left me. You know, it's a thinker. It's a thinker. I'm with you. I do not understand how some of the models and women in those who are paid a ton of money to go down. There have not felt or a sense of shame enough to publicly say, I'm donating this money to people that were working. Yeah. On believable candle you listening. She's she's a fan of the Padre. Probably who isn't just wanted to say. I also had a really bad time. So that's another reason. The fire festival. I've seen blink one eighty two thousands of times. So I felt that I didn't need to make the trip, but I was willing to and I just think we've learned a pretty good rule of thumb if you were ever in a position where you were going to commit a sex act to get bottled water for a music festival that wasn't going to happen, which you knew was not going to happen. A good rule of thumb is if you don't end up, providing the oral sex, don't tell anybody. You don't like here's the thing going to customs official and getting Evian water and not blowing them no one ever needs to know that you would have like you did it you made it out like the fact that you were going to do that is very bad. Also a detail that I found fascinating is that he garbled with mouthwash before going to the customs official like he's in. And he's a pro true. Listen, I don't question if he's on Lincoln. He's on my team. I'm ready to hire him. Let's minute again. John celeb- lookalikes, which was suggested. Yeah. I meant like the celeb- lookalike apps like the top sugar thing that happens like, I feels like schedule once quarterly that the corporations are like we're gonna make these fools put in their face and make it match to a fucking piece of artwork or a celebrity or whatever. And obviously, it's a little the obvious stuff. Like don't put in your face to give tech corporations more shit. But also the main thing is it's always like so racist because there's like eight Chinese people in the world of. So every time this comes up every single time. A different one comes up. I will take my entire afternoon and Photoshop aversion. That's my face, and Mr. uneo shoe from breakfast at Tiffany's. And every single tired too, many of my good friends and family are like that's so racist. I'm so sorry that happened to you. And I have to be the asshole. That's like I thought it was funny to do this for the hundreds tie bazar. Everyone keeps following before it. I've a piece of shit two quick comments. Yes. One the breakfast at Tiffany's tonal switch from the rest of the movie, it's wild to that racist. Character is while it really takes you out of it. He is again, a top ten agent actor. So a lot of ways. Emma stone. We take what we can. We take stone got she's she's so testy when she got called out at the Golden Globes. Just take the girls fun. Emma stone. Sandra omega joke about how Emma stone was one of the great Asian actors and yells from the audience, I'm sorry in like Canadian. Let's Bennett again. Landed

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