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Well uh i'm sorry why owed g really are you crazy petit tvs stephen fry oh sunday talks vague steven tell you stay star voting this vote if you're going to push familiar look out for you all scuba in question erbakan i would also install you've with a loss kobus issue with the talks fifg funds love fellowship juggle for me no study released shades the floor you caught they am ucar yudo you caught by all of us i even our collegeleavers bloody froyo these lovely you've would would love you so clever and oda older big words he lied all year is kind of lockett ice sexual russell bride out of 18 now i brought a guy look i our while the big one friday yeah weiss now was a big vote item now it is a big would friday yeah that's right paul you had your what are you talking about stephen for as little big one on fraud i dunno will choose sign go altano won't you say i was thinking i might buy something for a listener oh now i see i just because i'm i'm i'm enjoying buying fix like there's a limit obviously julian going to get porsche nine eleven none but yeah they are forever if anyone needs any thin what sort of okay i don't know is there is there a budget of you got to budge in your head or israeli just depends on what it is it's just if someone sex in that guy i really need whatever like i really like the idea of buying something extremely boring very practical and useful for someone for example do you use a certainty otrante sunny wa let me by you six balls abaci is the costco approach yes by invoke oh my god chris i need a tumble dryer boring but practical says paul via a ride alama i'll be honest put a price limit on buying a present for the less a that might be a little bit too much my wife jane needs you to buy or a new perry jeans she only has to pass and one of them is threadbare who only owns two peasant genes jane medicines i need my lights and toothbrush says nike i unaids.

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