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Hundred w eighty two degrees under still kind of hazy skies teno one at newsradio twelve hundred w well it was a teenager at the wheel of a stolen car this morning that led to a highway death inland valley police chief show salva gio says police were alerted by onstar that a car being driven by an eighteen year old on chris road near bandera was stolen officers tried to get the car to pull over but the driver sped away and led police on a two mile long chase and they on grissom near calais bre that's Where the stolen car rear ended another vehicle the driver of the car, he hit was killed. The victim's wife was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Salva geo says the teen suffered injuries and will face as he put it a litany of criminal charges. Jim foresight, NewsRadio twelve hundred w OA I President Trump is now confirming. He called off air strikes against three sites in Iran. Ten minutes before those launches were scheduled ten minutes. He tweeted today that the US was cocked and loaded after Iran shot down that military drone. He said he called off the strike. So because they were not proportionate to a drone attack. Also noted he was told that some hundred and fifty people in Iran would die said he's in. No hurry and insisted that Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. The US has cut millions of dollars in foreign aid to Central America State Department says they can get back when they do more to prevent their citizens from migrating. However. congressman joaquin castro san antonio says that move will further destabilize the region instead he says he wants more resources to go to central resources of friends around the world to make an investment in central american countries so that people feel like they don't need to leave he's convinced that these migrants wouldn't leave if they could get a job and be safe from crime in their own neighborhoods there are signs at hackers are moving on from businesses at increasingly targeting entire cities this week a city in florida voted to pay a six hundred thousand dollar ransom to get control of their computers back cybersecurity expert brent paiva do runs the san antonio based jingle disc says these types of attacks really have the potential to cripple an entire city communications now or as important as of electricity and water and roads of the city he adds a cyber attack in florida really a wakeup call for other cities States. Even the federal government. Prosecutors say they're not dropping murder. Charges just yet against a decorated navy seal, despite surprise admission yesterday that another steel was a seal was the killer prosecution witness navy seal Scott now testifying, that he was the one who actually killed an injured, teen ISIS fighter in Iraq back in two thousand seventeen God who was granted immunity prior to trial. Cannot be charged with murder, but could face perjury charges. The prosecution appear to be caught off guard by Scott's testimony. And in court accused him of lying to protect Gallagher. It is far from over is lawyer, says Gallagher still the victim of lies and a smear campaign by other navy seals quick check of your money. On Wall Street, the Dow is up by fifty three points. Breaking news on the hour at the half anytime at W O, AI dot com. Spot to you by I Mark.

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