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Right. Now those were the days look back at this day in history brought to you by Brown Chevrolet is Frankenstein day author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, was, born. On this day in seventeen ninety seven in the year eighteen eighteen at the age of twenty wrote the gothic horror novel we all know about Dr Henry Frankenstein scientists who created everybody's favorite lovable monster on this. Day in one, thousand nine hundred five major league baseball hall of. Famer, Tycom appeared in his first major league baseball game he of course played for the Detroit. Tigers fifty years ago today. Stars came out for. Charity as John and Yoko. Lennon hosted the one on one concert in New York's Madison Square Garden among guest appearing Stevie Wonder Roberta flack and over a half million, dollars, was. Raid to aid mentally retarded children nine hundred ninety three late show with David Letterman debuted on CBS Letterman letter just been over a decade on NBC just in case it comes up the bar tonight the first. Musical guest to appear on the new show was one Billy Joel birthdays Birthday happy birthday to you as we've, already pointed. Out you share your birthday with Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley who gave us the novel Frankenstein Ted Theodore Samuel Williams the kid the thumper the splendid splinter baseball hall of Famer. From the Boston Red Sox Ted Williams died July two thousand two birth date today Nineteen Thirteen John, swagger junior, NASA astronaut United, States Air, Force flew on Apollo. Thirteen one of just twenty four men to have flown to the moon died December nineteen eighty-two, birthdate John Phillips John mamas, and Papas, born on this, day nineteen thirty five would had. Been Eighty-three died March eighteenth two thousand one and last and least, actress Cameron Diaz today is, forty six The official office dress code today will include at least one item with number twenty on it and honor of mono Ginobili day in San Antonio a man who. Tried to drive.

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