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Pricing and performance Bob Smith with the Colorado business this group on health one of the groups behind the report says current incentives in place have boosted stock values but the marketplace is not working for firefighters and school districts who have been hit with rising costs Colorado hospital net profit. If it is four to five times the average hospital in the country insurers have seen their earnings per share go up anywhere from three hundred thousand percent in the last decade. The system works really well for them. The report found that performance outcomes very as much between as within hospitals and Smith says there seems to be no reliable correlation between price and quality of Care Hospital administrators have long argued that higher costs are passed along to commercial plans to help make up for what they believe are are insufficient Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements hospitals also charge more to cover the costs of treating people who can't afford to pay. I'm Eric Gladys that report was released Tuesday by Smith's group and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative a cut in state funding will severely impact program that helps people with disabilities remain in their homes Edris sears tells us that's the message advocates for people with disabilities want governor Andrew Cuomo to hear the consumer directed directed personal assistance program allows people who need home care to hire those who provide that help including friends or family members the program.

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