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It's 45 right now in Edgewater 45 in Towson and regarding this election violence because let's face it, That's pretty much an admission that businesses and others know that Trump's gonna win because you don't board up your windows and protect your businesses and make plans if Biden's gonna win because Trump supporters don't act like that, But the Biden voting base does Newt Gingrich has excellent advice. For the president if election riots break out. He says president should follow Abraham Lincoln. And what Lincoln did. He said Lincoln understood mob rule and hated it. He said that it is the obligation of the government to take action to protect people and property for mob violence in his Lyceum address, January 18 38 Title on the perpetuation of our political institutions. Lincoln described mobs as the enemy of law abiding citizens. He also captured the exasperation of citizens when government does nothing. To suppress the mob's looking by the way was only 28 years of age. When he said that about mobs and he he went out and did what he had to do by force. On. So he said the Again. The legitimate object of government is to do for the people what needs to be done, but which they cannot by individual effort, do it all or do so well for themselves. Hence, the military Department of some men will kill or be or constrain others or despoiled them of property by force, fraud or non compliance with contracts. It is a common object with peaceful and adjustment. To prevent it. Hence the criminal and civil department. And this was the days after the Baltimore riots. If you remember those I don't but maybe something, but that's great advice. And I think the president wish Baltimore Rights are rights. Yes. After what Massachusetts in Pennsylvania militia, think, 61. Yeah, that's that's great advice. Like a phone call this morning. Daniels in Phoenix, Daniel. Good morning. You're on the morning drive. Daniel Daniel could not wait or fell out of the soul with over the case. Maybe sorry, Daniel didn't make the other window here. But, yeah, there's legitimate concerns about This election attempt to steal the election on the part of this mail in ballot scheme, it's cheap by mail. Because, as I said earlier, this is not the people who returned their ballots. And look if you filled out your ballot returning postmark on time. Good for you that you're exercising your right to vote exercising your franchise. But there are many out there through ballot harvesting. That took advantage of season citizens. They go into the nursing homes. They collect their ballots, and then they swap them out with different balance. Andare change or alter the balance of this is happening all over the country. And for the media to ignore this, and for again courts to allow and enable. You know this kind of behavior, my agreeing to extensions of deadlines. You wonder? Sometimes these men and women in black robes don't live in the real world. I mean, this is this is where it goes Only back in 1964 60 years There's been on. Probably before that, Bruce. The phones have been cheating on elections. Yeah, well, frankly, probably a Zola's The Republic. Baby to be really straightforward about it. This is not something that's a brand new phenomenon. This goes on in every election. I mean, I grew up in the Midwest and the Chicago suburbs. Ah, and for me, cheating on the elections was simply the Chicago way. We simply knew what was gonna happen. You're in the in the city limits there, and the same is here in Baltimore, Frankly. And the same was true in Boston under Tweed, and this has been going on for a long time. Sean again. Just one party in. Both parties have done it over the years, but the Democrats have perfected it. Yeah, well, they're skilled. There really are either. This is a great email him SOS On Sunday it was watching Fox as they had a split screen of the two candidates that some cited thousands waiting to hear. Trump, which is typical on the Biden side. Looks like he stopped at an intersection of suburban Philadelphia neighborhood. Set up a search for table with $99 karaoke, a boombox with a microphone and just started yelling at the street. You never saw the crowd he was speaking to all you saw was a few of his handler's setting things up in standing guard. Which you are assigned audience. I did see a woman walking down the street like she was on her way to the store. Not paying any attention. Fake news does not even begin to describe this one after 2016. I don't believe anything is impossible. So all Marylanders get out. Vote Trump. Lady Gaga bombed in Pennsylvania. Wow! Abject failure. Look, Have you heard that extracts of American play? You troll in relieving pain and inflammation and at any age even falls, colder temperatures can affect our bodies react to the chronic pain. Rescue natural supplements is the creator of curcumin ultra premium high potency once.

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