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So i don't know if you're if you're happy that this this memos going to be released in an and you want the fbi look bad or the justice department to look bad and you're happy that andrew mccabe at the fbi's gone if all of that stuff makes you happy than than than god bless you but i just want to let you know that bob muller's not stop and in that investigations going to continue because there are still some people who wanna know what russia did and if any american i help them let me go to eric who's been hanging on hey eric i just wanna say i you know i like i usually do so uh end up all this kind of stuff um i want to i i think you're a little hypocritical about the memo 'cause i on one hand you say every american should why i know how how far russia's meddling in our election whose help them but you don't think we should want to know about corruption at the top level of the government agencies such as the fbi jess hey my friend let me let me let me stop you and then i'll give you the final word i have i have been blue in the face for the last year i want it all investigated eric i want rush investigated i want the trump campaign investigated i want the hillary campaign investigated i want the fbi investigated eric i want everything investigated i want all of those questions answered there there with joe i want all that scared to but i think the memo should be released because you know it's probably gonna be biased it may or may not all be true but i think we have the right to decide whether or not they want an agreed let me ask you a question you're you're right the memo should be released there's a democrat met this is a republican memo there's a democrat memo uh that that should be released as well but the republican committee just voted that memo down in why don't we release all thousand pages from what from which these memos came from how 'bout we just release everything finally but i don't have the time to north korea thousands thanks brother and that's the problem you're right you don't have the.

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