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Catoon to emerge in me around me or am. I following my own narcissistic intuition here. My Messiah Complex Yeah. I've been accused of it all my life and I have to say to what degree is it true. Why don't a thousand other ministers and priests say what I'm saying and actually they do? In many cases they just were given the the immense platform the providence seems to have given me that I I get to say these things and allow them to be heard. That's a gift. That trust in the relational field thinking goes Paul Circle for talking about devotion and simplicity and living into this public justice that we're in relationship whether we realize it or not were in conscious relationship with one another were in relationship to Christ things. There's there's this cosmic Catholic city that becomes our new capital. T. Tradition that we can trust even if many of us are. I feel like I'm a Christian. I don't really and I remember. I came to you Richard Actually two years ago. I and I was like you know feeling like I needed to like join the joining somewhere. Because I felt expulsed from my evangelical background says maybe it should be maybe I should convert to Catholicism like this makes so much sense you know I love the mystics mystics or mostly. Catholic should totally be Catholic. They have all the symbols. I like in the incense.

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