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Overall general depth and maybe the lack of a real future superstar franchise carrying type, But no, you're gonna get Borderline star player at the very top of the strap. Whether you're picking 12345. I do like the top 10, maybe top 15. You see some Different listings and rankings based on the various services and the opinions. But no, I think that the state is whether they go for defense. They go for goaltending or they go for forward. They're going to come away. With an excellent prospect, and probably that prospect whoever they take will be the number one prospect in their pool. Which is not not not a bad thing, considering the Sabres process pool right now. Developing into one of the better ones in the league. So how about Owen power? Is he? First of all? Is he your number one or if you got maybe veneers or somebody else up there? No powers is my number one. He was my number two way back in September. Uh, he never went lower than two, and he's been number one since about March, and a lot of that was based off of what he did with Michigan. As a freshman in college, and then he goes out and has a dominant if you want to call it that showing at the, uh, the the men's world championships there and love your playing with nothing. It was nothing but NHL players, and he's Basically looking like a pro and erotica lines played in 25 minutes a game in the gold medal game. I mean, that's Some pretty impressive stuff, But now he's my number one. But I would say map in years is a close second behind them. Yeah, I'm curious. Like how much separation you have there and like, if the sabers I'm fine with them drafting power. He kind of he grew on me. You mentioned the world championships and I watched a lot of that, and I watched plenty of them at Michigan and was a little I guess I was a little more leery of them watching them at Michigan because you just don't see like the flash that you see with some of the other hot great skating defenseman. But for a man his size, he certainly our kid his size. I think he certainly does move really well. How much of a Catholic Let's say the Sabres didn't for whatever reason, want to draft own power? One Like Is it A Is it a glaring mistake? Or can you see the merit of going would say maybe Ba nears at one instead? The same as can't go wrong, really, Like I already said, if they no matter which position they lean towards, Yeah, they have needs. You know, they need help in the goaltending department that there's been on the on the right side of the defense and Power being left. He doesn't help because I think that the prospect pool is pretty strong in the left side, if you want, even consider deleting, considering how young he is, uh, in that group, but no like the separation between power and everybody else is very thin. It wasn't like It's just that power had that. I guess you want to say that. He's always been heralded as a potential. Uh, you know a kid who could go first. Overall, we just didn't see enough of him in critical situations. You know, he didn't play at the World Junior tournament. He didn't play the Ivanhoe Lanka He's only had really won major international tournament that he played out before the world championships. So in the best on best environment, you want to see some of these better kids play there, and we never got a chance to really see power in that, So because of that, you have to say that guys like math in years and forwards like Kent Johnson and William Ekland. These high High scoring wings that they have to be in the conversation as well. Then you have the other defenseman. Guys like Brent Clark was Variety and Luke Hughes, you know, couldn't use is Young and Jack use his younger brother. These are all phenomenal prospects. So I really can't say well hold power had a phenomenal world championship, so I'm automatically going to make him out to be the better prospect in Luke Hughes. Or let's say, brand clock or any other. The other defense. It's a very close Competition. We're involving these guys, but I just think, in the end the maturity that guys like powers have been years had that puts them up at the very top for me, with Echlin, a close third Before the draft takes place on Friday, July 23rd. The Sabres have a couple decisions to make see that this could alter what they do with the number one pick. What, whether they trade Jack Eichel and or Sam Reinhart. They could be looking at. Hey, we really need to kind of replenish in Help our depth at forward in the organization, So if it's not power, and they go that way, especially at center, what does that look like? Well, I I've had veneers mark to the Sabres for a while, Uh, And the reason why is I just think that the Sabres need to create this culture where they're they're a tough team to play against. They have to take on the persona. Of the Boston Bruins or Tampa Bay Lightning or New York Islanders, where if you could have come into our house, we're going to make you pay for it. And you want the opposition to feel the same way and the Sabres haven't been a tough team to play against for quite some time now. And I think when you draft a guy like this Dylan cousins in 2019 to me, that was the start. We're like, Okay, this kid is going to be, you know, ferocious on the park, a great attitude. He's going to make it. He's going to be physical, and we saw him. It really is as real young kid Collins cousins play that way to season and even with a draft a guy like Jack Quinn last year. Top 10 pick. He could be an effective two way players have to play against So Bernier's to me epitomizes that..

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