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Those kinds of directors like Sofia Coppola who prefers to make movies about a specific kind of person, whether she's actually like that just knows the inner life of that person very well. That could be true. And then there's people like angrily you who make amazing that have nothing to do with him about being a closeted game in in in the south, right? Nothing. But he made one of the, yeah, in films and LG history wonder also, I mean, but that is also very fascinating to me and and just like why also like you know a in like side by side to this. Let's also have more creators of color says, I think for angry and I don't know if this is like right, but like I think it might get to that thing. Code switching and like having to understand and empathize with experiences other than yours in order to succeed in like survive in the world. And so I mean, part of me wonders if it's that, like it's like that ability to constantly be too shifting focus, and I don't just like understanding others in order to make your own art and it's not always like it doesn't always have to be hit or whatever sound bite at the heart of grace. Merz was saying, voices should tell stories which of course, but I'm just saying like artists are also our imaginations and their creative in their talents. Just, you know, you're literally telling people not to see it, and I'm sure you haven't seen it. About the Disney prints sort of discourse that's happening now, the jungle cruise jungle cruise. Oh, yeah. To be honest with you. I. I'm not surprised. I wasn't eiser because it's Disney. I mean, like look and also they're like, we serve. That's what is it literally just about to say. I mean, look, it's either they pick a British guy because Britain being British seems gay. Josh gattis musical theater and like that's and that's dead. And. No, but like you know. I. There. I mean, God brenham says this beautifully on Twitter, but he's like, you know, it's true like they have this thing about, you know, it can't be too close to reality because it grosses them out. Yes, yes. Well. Is scary. You know what we ended on my conic note for an iconic episode and we really got into it. I think I think fan club, I think this is the Orioles fan club, and I think that we have to go out with. Say that I owe show in bed taste? Yes. Did you hear my accent imbed tasty IT in badge? Yeah, my my, my Boston. And you give us the plug for the show in your Boston accent? Absolutely. I come check out in bad taste, Jeff idle joint on the twenty third swing through get a little donkey. You can see a lot of incredible comedians. Got Karen, she, we have master himself Boania through. We have Laura Ramirez dot Steve, Mark, and Lucy Cottrell coming through. I mean, it's just gonna be a night, a heavy hitters. Tell them, you know, Telhami -centia. Town's finest right here stopped at the border of Massachusetts. We found with a musical version of Moreau speech. Oh, Henny. The. Two. Should start a bound. This has been a forever. Dog production executive produced by Brett Bom, Joe Silio and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts, please visit forever. Dog podcasts dot com. It's a script horror shows on apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts keep up with the latest forever. Dog news by following us on Twitter and Instagram at forever. Dog team and liking Al on Facebook.

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