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Mike in them was a lot of protein come on yeah okay nicole we actually have a lot of people were philly joe this was a great episode for jeff probst yes people like the jeff probst will is he was we talked about the this is not a stick anymore he had some other lines in this episode let's take a nother voicemail about jeff during the reward challenge hierarchy nicole i just wanna say of course last episode was amazing with the christian dump feud but this episode this is what i've been waiting for all season last season it was episode eight this season it's episode nine what am i talking about i'll tell you tacos very toes case a d as muggy tasr yes it is jeff probst and his amazing performance in telling the survivors what they're playing for last season it was spaghetti and this season he knocked out of the park with four of these mexican items and i just want to get your thoughts on how well jeff probst doing the season as you mentioned before the stick delivery everything so thank you rob and thanking cole love you both a by so much so jeff probst was very excited about this week's reward at the tiki taco hot here was jeff describing what people were going to be playing for this week no plan for winning six will enjoy afternoon of tasha mommy he seems like he was enjoying that a little too much.

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