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And here on sunday night's that many of the crimes the increase in violent criminality that we've been marking here on super hypothetical sunday's might have a connection to i dunno being brought forty seven people getting out of prison who have no business out of prison people whose crimes his last crime they committed do not ma reach the criteria to stay in jail and so jerry brown our governor is terrorising us at least four of the young woman held 32yearold woman held for a week in her apartment in zuza being beaten by her boyfriend who just got out of the joint she might feel like she was terrorized by whoever let him the f out who apparently also ran out of fs so we will put that in the followup file rights they're just kinda wondering what he was in for an of why he got out and you know what there's a possibility he was in for just ticky tack and he got out as part of a normal routine and that he had the impression put on him by the california department corrections was so slight that he got out of prison on post release supervision and said oh what does the tuesday i think i'll imprison my girlfriend for a week and beat her on or at least until until uncaught alan held his plan obviously was to imprison her till he felt like not imprisoning her when we come back a horrible tragedy in apple valley a inter family homicide in a california law that is coming in response to a cluster of teen suicides in clovis which were calling super hyper and local at suburban local sunday here on kfi am 640 more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news a sheriff swat team has now apparently made an arrest after they moved into a neighborhood in el body or a man had barricaded himself inside a home the guy was said to have a knife he was apparently the only one inside the home cop saves initially wanted for assault about three o'clock.

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