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Studies dot org, and John calls them from Elyria, Ohio. Good evening. Hi. Good evening. My question. I have a few questions for the guests, and I'll try and make them quick. And I'll just listen for the answers. Uh, number one. Vladimir Putin denied any Russian government involvement in interfering with the 2016 election. Was he telling the truth in your opinion? And if not, what did Donald Trump hope to accomplish by taking his word publicly over that of her own intelligence agencies. And also what do you make of the reports of the 2020 Russian government hack of the U. S. Justice Department Treasury, etcetera. And, um Okay, We got it. We got it. Yeah, a couple evidencing points. First of all, I certainly am not a person who thinks that everything Donald Trump ever said or did was smart and taking. Vladimir Putin's worried about the 2016 election struck me as one of the low points even for Donald Trump, so I'll just throw in my two cents worth Jim Hanson. Yeah. No, I 100% agree with you there. The Russians have attempted to influence you know, and as the Soviet Union and now is the Russians pretty much everything that's happened in the United States since the 19 hundreds. So I think they do the best they can, and they take certain risks and try to do stuff, but their influence was not in any way large enough to even be a blip. Compared to the influence of, say, the corporate media or the other things that go toward influencing public opinion. The Russians? Well, it's spend a couple $100,000, maybe on Facebook ads that did not beat Hillary Clinton. That was a bug spot on the windshield of that election. I mean, I'll give him an a for effort, but really, I mean, it didn't amount to diddly. After the 2020 hacks of the U. S government. I mean, all of the hacks that come out of that place at the very least. Russia is looking the other way, and at worst, they are actively complicit with these hackers. I mean, there's no I don't think any way around that the idea that you can do anything behind the the national boundaries of Russia. Like that. And and the Russian government not be aware of it and not, uh, allow it without forward to even be happening. I mean, you can't pull off stuff like that if the Russian government didn't want you doing that. And there would be no doors, doors knocked down and people would be busted in a hurry. Yeah, they have a habit. Putin does radioactively poisoning people who aggravated. Yeah, I don't think there's any way those things happened without acquiescence. Or maybe they were just testing to see what they could do. And that's really the scary thing it is is if they're kind of knocking on doors to see where they're locked and things like that. Our cyber defenses are not up to snuff. That's an obvious thing. And we should be a little bit more concerned about that. And I think we really are absolutely amen. 100% agree with you entirely regarding that now. The announcement. That there would be no joint news conference that I felt very, very telling. I mean, let's face it. Any good summitry is nothing more than theater. The deals such as they are have already been worked out. Nobody enters into a summit without the deals. Having already been worked out at the lower level. The leaders were there for the photo ops. The handshakes. And and and the like, And it is entirely predictable except For that post summit news conference. You don't know what some reporters going to ask, and you don't know what the other person is going to ask, Especially with that other person is not a partner, but an adversary and This essentially told the world, Okay. Do we trust our president to Ah to go one on one with Putin in a news conference? No, we don't. Whoever we are. No, we don't. And we felt that we had to do this, even though it makes that admission that we don't trust that outcome, because it's better than seeing what happens if, in fact it actually occurred. That is an unfortunate admission. But if I were in the position of whoever we happens to be, it might very well be that that would have been my decision. But I think it it automatically shows a sign of weakness. And you know that Putin is entering into this salivating at just what he may be able to obtain. Across that table. My hopes for the end of this summit are that President Biden does not give away the ranch. Your thoughts Jim Hanson. Yeah, I think it's just the fact that Biden is not up to that. He's not up to the softball questions he gets from the media that he owns. You know, I mean, the people who serve as his Adjunct press corps. You know his his own team who throw him softballs. He can barely deal with those and the idea that he would stand next to Putin in front of the world would have been a debacle. And so they're giving away the fact that they don't have any faith in him and all of us know it. You know anybody who's been watching him through the campaign knows he's he's struggling to get through every day. And I think that you know, Okay. Press conferences are one thing, But like you said, he's going to be across the table from Putin. And the scary thing People like to pretend back When Trump was sitting at that table, he was going to give something away. Trump gave away Nothing. I I share your concern that Biden may try to do something. That makes him look like some sort of hero and ends up causing the United States and the world immense damage. He is. He's just not up to the game, and Putin certainly want to take advantage to exploit to do whatever he can I guarantee you they have gamed this out. Let's try this will try that. Uh, a little frightening. Brody calls in from Pittsburgh for Jim Hansen. Our guest. Good evening. Good evening, Jim Bohannon. Thank you for your service. It slide day today. Anybody that takes the needs of flag needs to leave the country. Um, you know, I'm not. I'm not a violent person, and Jim Jim Hansen, not Jim Hanson. Not to be confused. That's correct. So thank you. Thank you for being on the Jim Bohannon show. I would just like to have out there. Maybe you to configure this out. How long is this facade going to go on? I mean, are they going to have like facade? You mean the facade of Joe Biden is in charge? Yeah, Yes, As long as they can pull it off. I guess I will offer my two cents worth and we probably well, that'll take us to the break because I want Jim Hansen to have enough time to give an answer. My mother died with dementia, and I saw her gradually. Shrink mentally. I watched it happen. It was very unpleasant thing to watch. And she maintained her her her sense of who she was and what was happening around her most of the time until the end. And let's let's let's face it. Joe Biden is not drooling. Okay, He's not confined to a wheelchair. He is simply showing some of the early signs of the onset of dementia. I'm sure he has good days and bad days. The later in the day you go. The worse it probably is early in the day is probably the best part of the day. For him. It's unfortunate. And I don't know of anything. We can quote do about it necessarily. But it is progressive. And there's nothing we have found so far that will reverses or even stop it. So that would be my two cents worth and Jim Hansen will offer his answer in a moment news, traffic and weather updates weekday morning and be listening for more stories and interviews to help you make sense.

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