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Just, you know, you're the perfect person to ask this. He's an executive vice president of the eagles Howie Roseman here on the rich Eisen show. I don't know if you saw a, I guess, a colleague of yours in the NBA in Bob Myers last night, the general manager of the Golden State Warriors getting very emotional at the microphone after Kevin Durant. Injured himself again in a game. And a lot of people are wondering some why he was playing. Can you walk me through the process of a front office? And putting a player on the field that significant clearly for the franchise Carson would be perfect example who is hurt banged up and the concept of putting him into the fray in that regarding how I you know, Bobby as a friend, and, you know someone yet. Yeah, obviously you're in that situation we were in that situation. We were in that situation couple years ago, we were down in LA and Carson got hurt. And, you know, I think the one thing it does, is it gives your your leadership your team the character of your team and opportunity to do something special and really kind of to it in that in that person's name really? And they have a great opportunity, and they've such great character and leadership on that team from the front office. Coaching staff on down. Then I know though. Rebound in wish them the best of luck as they go forward. But, you know, I think a lot of times, people don't understand this process, which I get and, and really controlled by doctors, and, and your medical staff and not only that, but you have so many outside consultants when you're talking about superstar players, and really all your players that nobody's just getting one opinion on any of these injuries. Nobody's just taken. For example, the team's opinion or the players, doctor's opinion, you're getting all those opinions together, and it's a collaboration of information, and you're not doing anything especially when you talk about, you know, a player who's about to free agency, and I can't speak to individually that situation. But they're, they're doing everything in a way that is totally transparent for the player for the team and only making that decision. Like I saw his interview this morning, when I it's nobody's fault, things happen. You know it's the nature of the game. And so. I think that sometimes there's this perspective that, you know, the team is making the call only but you, you have so many people involved in these decisions on all sides, and all of these things are about board. So what did you think of when you saw him? Good emotional. You know, I it just took me back to where we were in, in LA that time. But also really throughout the course of my time here when you have players that you care about, and they're like, your kids, they're like fingers on your hands. I mean, eight it's hard to see guys you care about suffering, and not being able to perform and, you know, I know I, I think about I was thinking about the fact that when we were in Minnesota preparing for the Super Bowl, and we had this group of guys and it was Carson Jason Peters, and Chris Maragos, and it was Darren sproles, and it was Jordan Hicks. And those, those guys those guys just working out. And while the team was preparing to play in the Super Bowl and just feeling for them, you know and knowing that they work all these hours. They do all this stuff. They train just to have this opportunity. It's hard. It's hard. You know, this is why you do all that executive EP Howie Roseman. You're on the richeisenshow couple more minutes left. With with him. So let's just re- return if you don't mind to the, the concept of signing a quarterback for as much money as you did. This is the system now. Right. How I mean like you draft somebody, you get a couple of years of a window in their first contract to try and win with them. You did. In fact, although it was as you point out, Nick foles, who who's the one who, who went through that legendary run in the playoffs. But this seems to be the, the system right now in the NFL that at some point, you're going to have to pay somebody who in the case of.

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