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What will he be back as he played his last game as a Texan? It's zoo. Not a very comfortable situation right now in you to another team that two other teams that really could be in the market. You've got Indianapolis with Philip Rivers retiring. In fact, I would have thought that that would be a great place for from that Stafford to end up giving the Jonathan Taylor t Y open, solid thief and solid offensive line. Etcetera s So In addition, Indianapolis you've got New Orleans A pending the retirement of Drew Brees. Will they turn it over to James Winston. I don't think I'm some Hill is the long term answer. I think he's valuable in many ways but aspires being a, you know, a 65 play per game quarterback. I'm not sure so Maybe it will be Jameson Winston. But there are a number of teams looking for, uh, quality starting quarterback watching arguably, if he's on the market would be the most attractive of those. So Houston might be able to get what they would need. But I think the price will be steep. All right. So let's zip A with this now, as far as the Raiders hearing rumors, by the way, I forgot to mention that he and Seattle's Russell Wilson, well, Russell Wilson and car all also subjects of enquiries from other teams. Yes, so car but also Marcus marry OTA. And I'm convinced in this day and age if you have a starting quarterback where the Raiders have Derek Carr that Has shown vulnerability to where he has been injured over the last, you know a couple times over the last several seasons, somebody that makes miraculous comebacks physically, I mean, you talk about when somebody goes on the shelf. You expect him to be out for a certain period of time, according to medical experts, But Derek Carr has several times in his career has come back far in advance of what was predicted by medical personnel. I commend him for that. That said. We only got three quarters of a look and Marcus Mario to and I thought they were fabulous. And that's why the Raiders are also fielding trade offers. As far as Marcus Mariotti. He's 27 years old. He's somebody that was a starter in this league. He has the run pass option down from Chip Kelly's offense. You know, they're in his days in Oregon. I think this guy has major potential to be a starter somewhere. But I think the Raiders because they still have him under contract for one more year. Need to keep him and find out. First off Number one. Will Derek Carr be the answer if he indeed does beat out Mario to in the training camp and preseason if he holds on to that starting job, and then can you use marry OTA in certain skill set positions? Especially as you know, like a tasting Hill has been used there with New Orleans. Whether you have car and marry Odo on the field at the same time, or Marietta comes in on run pass option plays inside the red Zone. I think the Raiders have a valuable commodity, and I don't want to just see them trade him away for a second round pick that you'll have no idea who that second round picks going to turn out to be. I really want them to hold on to marry OTA because I think they have a big time bargaining chip in the near future. After we can see what marry OTA has is far is getting more opportunity, because if you're only basing it on the three quarters that he played, coming off the bench ice cold against the Chargers, he was masterful in that game. He rushed for 88 yards He threw for, you know to 70 or whatever was in three quarters of a game and came right off there as first pass was a completion of second pass was a touchdown, Waller I want to see what I have there. I think he has learned a lot Marry. OTA has since losing that starting position in Tennessee to Danielle and may be a major asset and could be the future of the Raiders at the quarterback position going forward in case something happens where Derek Carr does not deliver. Let's remember car got to start in the game right after that Charger game against Miami. Yes, the defense screwed it up at the end, But car was over 10 and third down situations in that game and maybe wouldn't have been a three point game had marry 02 played The entire game, and he probably should have gotten an opportunity to start. In my opinion. A grainy also felt that same way, But we're not. You know, we're not the brain trust. We're not Maaike and Gruden. So I defer to those guys. But at the end of the day, let's see what we have long term as far as Marcus Mario to before we just ship him off and find out. This guy's going to be a stud quarterback for somewhere else in the league. Yeah. No, I I think the Raiders were in somewhat of an enviable position with, uh, you know, a proven starter and in car on duh quality backup in barrio to both of whom have a number of years ahead of them to play well, And you know the Raiders? What do you want to call it collapse this year? Was not due to lack of productivity from the offense as much as it was just a poor performing defense. You know, they scored, I think was that I think 27 points or more and like what 11 or 12 of their games, which is usually going to be enough to get you win in the NFL, where the average uh total points or something like 47 or 48, So it's better than half of the total points per game, so I would say they're in a very enviable pisses position. If you go back to Prior to the start of the 2020 season. There was some question as to whether or not car was the long term solution for the Raiders. I think that if I recall correctly, Jon Gruden wouldn't fully commit during a good part of the off season and covert came along and changed a lot of plans that people may have had. But I think certainly card approved this year that he deserves to be the starting quarterback and marry O to prove that the limited opportunity we saw him that he's a capable backup that he can do some things that That married at the car Cannot. You mentioned cars Injury history? Well, if you know if you're if you're fortunate enough to have a quality backup, for example, as Tennessee did last year, when they had marry OTA and then put in Teneo. We saw the success that tennis he had last year that they were able to T o to part with with Dario to, so I think the Raiders are in somewhat of a similar situation. You hope you don't have to part with either of them. You really hope you don't need to use a backup. But if you're looking to be a playoff team and the Raiders air arguably close to being that playoff team, certainly based on their first half of the season performance the last couple of years that you want to have that insurance of that you're not going to miss all that much of a drop off, if any, if your quarterback if you're started gets injured, and you need T o put someone in for 2345 weeks. Whatever the case may be, so, yeah, I'd be inclined and and again. I don't know what's going on in the organization. I don't know what their priorities are what they think they could do to sitio address the situation. But as things stand now, I think they're very well situated as far as a starter and a backup go and they can address other areas. But then again if they're presented with a situation that seems too good to pass up, maybe involving draft choices. Maybe they'd have to at least consider it. But if they did not make a move, drawing this off season with the quarterbacks, I'd be fine with that. Right. Andy s go. Let me get your take now as far as the Jets because when I hear McShay say that he's Of convinced that the Jets are gonna use that number to pick for Zach Wilson. So that would mean that Sam Donald would be on the way out would mean they would not drafted Vontae Smith. I'm convinced that sand Donald has not had solid skill position players to deal with the when he has been healthy there for the Jets. I'm not so sure that I would grab Wilson. He's coming out of BYU. And, yes, he was spectacular, had 33 touchdown passes just three interceptions through for nearly 3700 yards in 12 games. Here. He rushed for another 10 touchdowns, nearly five yards a carry. And then there's Justin Fields, who played better competition throughout the year for Ohio State had the game of his life in the route. 49 28 over Clemson hey through for 2100 yards in just eight games..

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