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If you are able to ex- not only understand and execute the vision that the front office is trying to pass along, but that you can sell that to the group of players and have them by it in kind of like their own idea where the coaching staff own idea, and it seems like the raise for you know, they do a lot of things well, but one of the things that it seems like they have now appropriately set up is a communication line between the front office and the coaching staff where the front office game plan is being implemented and it's being bought into by the by the roster's. Yes, and look here. Here's what, what a manager or staff member can represent in a clubhouse into players. Is there's a term we use called pipeline, and that means if we're sitting around the cage crops or we're doing soft offs, we're getting working and you're the hitting coach, and I'm venting to you about a lack of playing time, or I'm venting to you about my place in the order, my place in the lineup and did two days later. I have a conversation with the skipper about where I'm hitting in the lineup and how I I know that you're a fucking pipeline and I know that I can no longer trust you and I can't trust our time in the cage as a place of of solitude, and safety and security. I know look at you like you're pipeline to the puck and manager and your pipeline to the front office. Everything. I'm going to say you're just carrying water. So you're out buck you. Well, now given cash is somebody that these guys are like you. He does have the ear of the front office, but we also know he's a baseball guy. We also know he cares about us. So he's done a good job of. Creating the relationships that say, this is a father, son, big brother, big brother, uncle nephew, whatever relationship you wanna see this as I got your back row, I got your back. I'm not here to sell anybody out, and he's done a great job of speaking of the Terry Francona tree. I saw this on the walk over here. It's kind of like a developing story. David Ross might be interviewing for the opening twins managerial position. So, yeah. That would be interesting to say the least. I don't know why. I mean, I think he'd be great at it, but I mean, homeboy just retired. When out on top won a World Series with the cubs retired hero, he's got a nice gig doing his ESPN thing. You know, I don't know. Maybe just miss it. Maybe just missed the the one hundred sixty to the grind of the full season. Some guys, you know, they don't wanna get away from it, but I don't know. I, it's, it's interesting to say the least I would say. A love Rossi if I I wouldn't be. That's what's interesting is is he seemed to be ready for dad time. Yeah. Be ready to be to be a family man. Yeah. And, yeah, but you know, again, if your team is at home and you got your family with you, you're coming home to your family as opposed to just constantly being on the road. Look base book, man, dravis there's just this game when you truly are married to this game, and you know that this is what this is your lifeline? Yes. Is this is water, but he feel he can still quench the thirst by doing the ESPN gig. So here's here's how I feel about just beloved players becoming managers. So when Jason Varitek was rumored to be the next Red Sox manager, I was like, I don't wanna see it. I think he'd be a great manager. I don't wanna see it because it's the most scrutinized position in the whole entire city. So do I wanna come out Jason Varitek former captain two-time World Series champion to if he makes a bad decision, do I want to crush him for that? Fuck, no, no, I don't. Wanna do that. Thank. God, I got, Alex cora's my manager. He doesn't make bad decisions, but David Ross, these a lovable guy, do I want him in a position where maybe he fucks like look at Aaron, boo. Perfect example. Aaron Boone in as the Yankees manager, dude was a legend. Dude, was a legend now might my tire Twitter time is fuck Aaron, Boone ahead on firearm? Boone like, why would you like?.

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