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Here's what we're following this hour enthusiasm, high all across the state, Arizona votes. More people will be heading to the polls next month. State. Michelle Reagan announced the number of registered voters has increased by eighty three thousand since the August primary that's more than three point seven million active voters, the number of registered Democrats increased by over forty thousand while Republicans saw an uptick of nearly twenty five thousand this year's midterm elections are capturing national attention and Reagan says this has translated into a large increase in registering to vote Ashley flood KTAR news, by the way Friday is the last day to request your early ballot number of Arizona. Teens vaping reaching an all time high now state health officials are launching an anti vaping campaign aimed at minors here in Arizona the food and Drug administration has out with a report calling e cigarettes teens an epidemic. Arizona department of health services is concerned that young people perceive vaping as safe behavior. Well, you can call it the two guns twister. I forty drivers. Caught a rare sight in Arizona yesterday afternoon. Get a handful tornadoes every year usually there up on the plateau area or over in the superstition mountain. Still a tornado is a tornado income cause damage. Well, Arizona certainly isn't a tornado alley, but we're not tornado free either. That was ASU climate expert. Randy survey yesterday's tornado in northern Arizona. East of flagstaff was in a very remote area did not cause any damage or any injuries? Well, let's get a check on the valley roadways right now, Bradley Jay is live in the valley Chevy dealers traveling center. Hey, brandon. John. We're down to t Rex on the loop one zero one they're both sitting westbound the first one I sixty four St. the second one approaching state route fifty one they're both off right now. We just got a wreck reported on the I ten westbound right around seventy. I haven't just yet doesn't mean. It's not there off the freeways have one on Arizona's avenue in Elliott. Traffic's brought to you by unbound dot org. Hey girl in Kenya. Dreams becoming a doctor. An elderly mother James of being part of a community reach out and change their world and it will change your own unbound dot org. I've rather Jay KTAR news. Thank you very much, mostly cloudy tonight. A very slight chance of an overnight shower. We'll drop to an overnight low tonight right around sixty eight degrees. Tomorrow, partly cloudy once again about a twenty percent. Chance of showers are expected high.

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