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Likely still move along okay twelve minutes brown deer to the market that the north onsite slowing down twelve minutes to get from downtown to get help grow that's a four minute delay the traffic and weather together on the chance of getting lost T. M. J. pulled up you I got caught the T. M. J. five day forecast for this morning a story sprinkle possible and maybe a little patchy fog away from the lake not a big deal a chance of showers on and off through the day today especially in the afternoon the hive seventy eight for tonight partly cloudy slight chance of showers low sixty six Wednesday partly cloudy chance of showers seventy five Thursday mostly sunny seventy five Friday partly cloudy chance of storms by the evening the hive seventy eight Saturday partly cloudy warm chance of storms IV before I'm meteorologist Brian is dance get the storm team forecast into we T. M. J. temperatures right now in sixty nine degrees Jackson sixty seven Milwaukee sixty nine it WTMJ conference morning there on W. C. M. J. so the story the paper this morning a test scores will consider a new initiative from Milwaukee's Mitchell park domes the sixty six million dollar business plan would expand the parks focus beyond the three dorms themselves the journal Sentinel saying it would include the reinstallation of gardens the addition of an area devoted to urban agriculture and health the conversion of a boat house into a wedding catering center as well as a full service your own restaurant with outdoor dining plus food trucks twenty seven million of that sixty six million would come from the county and private donations half and half the rest would come from tax credits along with opportunities only investments the group is to meet this afternoon any recommendation the.

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