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Pay him thirty million dollars i think that would be that see that's what i'm dog and i if you think the mayor everything okay that's that's a faulty i lhasa favier dc i think they they have seemed to have mixed feelings on them but i think if you are going to vegas or whatever and you're setting who is the favourite to have kirk cousins on their team next year i think of the rattle the redskins think so and maybe it's not even maybe it's less than fifty percent but it there i would think they are more likely the where i more likely to be there jacksonville minnesota cleveland ota that would be minnesota i think i honestly i think he stays in washington with the reds that's it he's the big chip he's the x factor in my entire look at the way that he played with all of the injuries that they had all season long and all all the things that happened he he still was the constant and i think p people think the jaguars that that's the team that are that's going to go after them because he's got it's a great set up they've got about eighty million dollars in like cap space and they can just give him my all this monk athlete owes them it well it looks you know and if you were him you would think it would be a great fit do you have to though but if you're the jags and you know i i reject the thing while the brisk fruit future so bright down in jacksonville i'll be right back next year i feel like in a weird way certainly they'd rather be going to the super bowl in a week and a half but as it is i feel like they get away this allows them to now get away with blake for of from lake bortles whereas if he beats the patriots fox wrote you are it's a flaco in baltimore thing what what what what are we going to that we've now we must keep it we have no choice but to retain him i i guess i mean yeah if he if he wins the super bowl of course i also have been till i guess the.

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