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Slash thanks. I'm nora mcnerney. And this is terrible. Thanks for asking when we've talked about autism on this show before we've talked to the parents of autistic children because parents are on just much easier to contact than children. With good reason. Also parents listen to our show. Not children with the exception of gus gus. You know who you are. It's philip fletcher son. Love that gus lessons. Hello gus we love your mom. But we've heard from a lot of you from a lot of our listeners Asking us to speak to autistic adults and let them tell their own story. What a great recommendations. So that's what we're doing today. Because yes artistic kids grow up to be autistic adults and all the stats in the world. Can't tell you about what that experience is like but cynthia. Ken and you're about to meet cynthia. Cynthia sister maggie is a terrible things asking. Listener and maggie. Send us a message after our come meet jordan episode which is such good episode. If you haven't heard it yet and the message basically said my sister is autistic. You should talk to her. And i thought sure yeah. Let's do it so we all got on internet call together and what you're going to hear is the lived experience of tina woman with autism. It's her experience alone which is just her experience. You may sometimes hear her. Sister maggie's voice but otherwise it's just the and a quick note to say that we make this show most often with just regular people recording in their homes which means the audio quality isn't always what we had when we were in studios and we know it and we're doing our best. Which i know you know but let's just say it out loud so here.

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