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Are for the second time today there's fluid that's been put down on the race track over at the inner loop over near worker factor is current I know there's probably been some car slipping and sliding out there yeah there have been the problem began because of an issue with the machine driven by reed Sorenson in fact as read was slowing it down to come through the interlude with ago never came back up to speed all the sudden smoke began pouring from the engine compartment that it increased more and more spoken by the time he got back out to turn number five he was using the downhill slope of the racetrack does try to keep the momentum because that car up had developed a significant mechanical issue I under the money line and caution flag right now pit road is closed but that will not stop William Byron he's on pit road invite a wasting Callie here they're continuing to work on that knows that machine when they brought in that pit road look like it's just been mash back in the first time they were able to get things about as smooth as they could and they have all kind of tape around the hood of the car and they're working on that same area the they had the pop rivet the hood down to make sure it stayed in place they're out there putting some more tape they're putting some more of that bear bond tape on the front of the car topped off with sin OQO fuel so still not liking the front of the car he had restarted around twenty eight to twenty nine the phone memory is correct only worked his way up to twenty six what Kyle Busch worked his way all the way back up into the top fifteen Sir this car is not like it was when it started the race and they just continue to work on the nose that Camaro still got a long way to go however in today's race only thirty three laps our complete chase Elliott the leader Kevin Harvick second Martin tricks junior third Clint Bowyer fourth Alex Bowman is faith Chris bush Sir now running up into six position in front of Denny Hamlin Erik Jones Brad Keselowski Jimmy Johnson that your top ten right now the caution is out the money line caution presented by money line it's the cash to get paid in a day in seconds so one of two point five the bone you'll recall radio station all of the world's drama and let's be.

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