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He invited me to a fundraiser at his home once. This is just the same thing with a go fund me your time It was for Peeta. Okay, you know, then the people for the ethical treatment of animals, Okay, and Sam was the huge contributor to that. And he said, Hey, look, don't bring any money. This isn't a thing you had, You know, just come for it, and we'll watch the boxing was boxing on afterward, he said. We'll just watch the boxing afterward. So I sit in with for the pita and they show you this horror, which is the way that animals are treated all over the world, right? And you just can't run to the donation bucket fast enough. I know, you know, And the same thing would go fund me, you get on you tell yourself I'm just going to be here. I'm gonna browse. You Can't Hit the donation buttons quickly enough. You're so moved by all of the need. It's impossible to get off of that site without giving money. I saw this beautiful seven year old girl. Who was feeling fine. She got Cove in went to the hospital. They told her she's got a mild case sent her home, They said. If it gets any words come back. She went to bed, complaining about a headache and a stomach ache. And she didn't wake up the next morning. Oh, my God, There's a picture of her there, and it's every seven years old. Seven or eight, maybe nine. But not 10. I mean, she's like, right? You're right. Barely. Not even 10. I think of the nine And but everybody who has a daughter, you know, when they looked at that picture, they all saw their daughter and just the horror of this family is going through, you know, And they didn't have enough money for, you know, for the funeral, that enough money, you know, they want to keep the mom home because the mom I just had another. You know, it was. It was so sad. It was like she just had twins. Oh, no, I'm sorry. There was another one. There was a woman who just had twins. She had four kids and just had a set of twins. Like 10. Months ago, she got coverted. And passed away. Now the father is there with four kids, three year old, one year old and 10 month old. And ordered some like that. That's right now, but that's what I mean. It's it's every version of that story and more right. It's so sad and then you have people who need operations and don't have insurance. And I mean, you know it's Zvereva's tough, But now you add to that the desperate need of so many people who work in the restaurant. But were you in the service industry? Yeah, that's very tough. I like what what? Go fund me did they made a ton of money? We're now They don't take any money from you. If you don't need $100. They donate it to the person or the cause. And then you can Choose to donate another 10% to cover costs of view of go fund me, but they used to be it just be like a mandatory 5% or 10%. Now it's up to you, and I like that, because, you know, you know that all the money is going to that charity. On gets so sad, too, because you see this, You know, people giving $5 right to this family. They can't afford bunch, but they want to do something and I just can't go on it anymore, you know, and browse around because it knocks you off your feet. Yeah, with radical depressed doesn't make you feel any better about your life. Not like you saw a car accident. Like I'm glad I'm not That guy. It makes you feel horrible makes you feel better for having helped. But it's just like that the need so outpatient your ability to to meet you this horrible We're alive. It's Conway Thompson alive on K. If I'm or now, Debra Mark Several earthquakes have been reported here. The salt.

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