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On the tense under the laws get WTMJ palette of you why dot com WTMJ five day forecast mainly clear skies tonight low twenty eight degrees tomorrow cloudy chance of rain late a high forty seven Sunday rain early mostly cloudy windy mild high fifty six on Monday mostly cloudy and windy some rain and snow is likely high forty five and on Tuesday mostly cloudy and windy a high of thirty four degrees in the two days since I hit run crash cost thirty six year old Jamie hands in her life friends and family members coworkers so coming to grip with her loss Hanson was a bartender to Milwaukee brought house an Old World third street and had been a staple at several other eating establishments around Milwaukee for the last decade or so Milwaukee police this afternoon giving an update on their case saying they have recovered the vehicle that struck her on Christmas Eve night your whole in Dover I in Milwaukee's Bayview neighborhood witnesses were able to help out they were able to describe the vehicle in question in the night of the accident security camera footage in the moments just after the accident also made public Christmas day Hanson was walking her dog at the time of the crash the accident taking her life as well as one of her dogs and arrest has not yet been made you also the quick update from received county sheriff's office there announcing a Troy Hoffman has been arrested he's the man wanting for shooting and killing a man in the window late last night this comes to close a manhunt was less than twenty four hours in the making police say he was arrested in Dodge county he's turned himself in to use the park police investigation is still ongoing the saying thank you Sir for Kerr other Hoffman crashed his car into another vehicle parked in the driveway of a home you're Loomis road highway thirty six and when lake he then fired multiple shots into the home ultimately forced entry into the home and fired additional shots within the residence the victim was shot multiple times taken to an area hospital however he was pronounced dead at the scene police say he was the only person shop there were other people in the home because people were able to escape so some closure at least partial closure on a couple of tragic stories here on the week of Christmas plenty more throughout the show today but first sports coming up next it is the local provider own health plan whose mission is to create strong and healthy Wisconsin communities network health invites you to tune into the all business show with doctor David forced Saturday.

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