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So when they finally posted a total texts being the forty one to forty two range, and I think you want to take the under. All right, two more here. Sunday night football, the NFC north may be on the line. The Packers falling off in their loss. Last night. Minnesota who I've liked what I've seen outside of that weird saints week. They had on Sunday night football. They've really rebounded from the tough start their five three and one the bears are six to three I doubted the bears RJ, but they just keep winning football games. This feels like a pivot moment for one of these who's ever wins. Minnesota getting three points at Chicago. So everybody likes Minnesota in this game. I've talked to like the just assume that they're going to be a better team because of what they did last year in Chicago gonna come out of nowhere. If you look at football, outsiders Devia just which neutralizes for for opponent down distance. They kind of just how efficient a team is. No matter the situation cicadas only team that's in the top ten of casting rush on both sides of the ball so offense and defense units. They rank in the top ten of each one of those only do it three even how good they look. I think that there's still a little underrated at home. I to come it harder for Minnesota travel oftens travels as well as they play at home. So I can't Chicago comes out. They get what they need to on offense. Something like a twenty eight twenty game and Chicago, Texas. All right last one we say the best one for last Monday night football, really one of the great regular season masters. We've seen in a long time. Kansas City, Los Angeles RJ quickly before Utah. Are we talking about the game itself? How much does the home field change from the neutral site in Mexico City to now they LA Coliseum. How much does that change things in terms of the line the spread and how you look at? It is a big difference or not a big difference. What's interesting because the line opened that one and a half Rams when it was in Mexico City, they got up to two and a half. Then when this thing happened where they needed to move the game, the Vegas shut the line down. Once we have confirmation. They're moving the game. They reopened the line at three and a half. That sounds kind of weird. Using assume that it's three points for home field. They're only giving the Rams one point of home field. So it's your only testing for what the line was in Mexico City. You should like the residents know, they only lose their point. I'm on the other side of this thing. The better team number one easy away by mile. This weird situation where the Rams are at home last week there at home this week, but they have the harder travel because they left or Colorado strange practice at altitude kind of screws up your routine, and you gotta go back home. On Thursday to go back home. Sorts little discombobulated on this game. It's a normal week for Kansas City. They just been at home. That's just a normal week. I'm in Kansas City might have travel. Yes. It's a very strange thing with the the whole home field thing. The one thing I could say RJ is because the Rams and actually have any tickets sold. Maybe that's part of the thinking on the Serb at the line. But just for me, Mike home field. They don't have anyone actually they know is going to be in the building. I'm sure they'll find a way to give away those tickets. But the one thing we let you go that stood out to me last week the Rams allow two hundred seventy yards rushing to the Seahawks. And I feel like wait that chiefs offense is going Kareem hunt. The chiefs to just be too much to stop right now. Yeah. They actually both have pretty bad run defense. I think the running backs we're going to get whatever they want you in this game. I think that's the system playing better overall the past kinda showed up a little bit in the last few weeks. So if there is any slow down, I think it's the chiefs defense against Jerry cost in the city. I think there's been right there point Soto they're gonna get to forty this over under opened up. I think it's sixty three and a half the highest over under we'd ever seen and nobody studying down really it's just staying that high because people were expecting this game. I know is gonna get get there in terms of points. I'm not quite sure what the Rams because she was playing a little bit better. So three and a half. I think getting that hook this importance and taking the chases the smart play there. It should be a lot of fun. Great week eleven RG. We appreciate you hopping on good luck with the super contests and your pick some will chat soon. There. He goes RJ, white CBS sports dot com. Also of the pick six podcast eight eight seven to nine ninety forever. He likes Andy Reid on Monday night. And then getting points. I I like that too. He also likes Chicago on Senate, which I like the Vikings a little bit in gay. Mitch in Phoenix. What's up Mitch? Are you good, man? What's going on? I'm gonna go ninety seconds thirty with basketball start with Ben Simmons your special had an awful lot of conversation about him yesterday. And my take on number one. He's a prima Donna. Number two. He has no intentions of trying to become a real basketball player and taking jump shots. That's that's my Sixers. Okay. Wires, the the situation is absolutely ridiculous. I never heard of a guy getting hurt as much as Elliot and the other guy there like classic people. And number three on the eagles. Eagles suck. They're not gonna make the playoffs and everybody needs to get around that and take it as it is. Do you have any negative Philly steaks can go four for four here. Yeah. The Phillies the Phillies are going to have a big problem winning games next year. There's no doubt in my mind. So you're feeling good. Well, I'm going away. Let's get back to Benson. You're a moment here. Okay. Well, my take on him is that he has. He has obviously has a skill set that if he adds a jump shot we could be watching, you know, a true all star player for a long time. It's disconcerting though, Mitch that he spent the entire offseason knew what is weakness was and did not come back with it even close to fix and beyond that what bothers me is look you can be a point guard. I know he's kind of a a weird point guard. But he's a point guard. You could be a point guard that the silicates does the defensive thing gets your teammates involved. But if you go to the basket, and you get fouled abundance like he could average close to twenty points a game without a jump shot. If he did that he doesn't even want to go to the basket and get fouled. Like that bothers me. Well, that's why I said he's a primitive Donna and his intentions as a basketball player for the Sixers. It hasn't helped cook. Here's the thing. Mitch I appreciate the call. He could have been with a non. Famous woman. We just gave us a talking point because it was a Jenner. Ben Simmons could have done the same thing. You did all summer. The same exact thing. But if the woman wasn't a Jenner we didn't know who she was we wouldn't have known. So it just it's he needs to work on his game more the fact that he didn't the woman he was with isn't really the reason. Also, like, you're kidding yourself. If Embiid wasn't doing the same kind of thing. Sure. He just doesn't do what they wanna Jenner. Yeah. We meet as a girlfriend now perfectly fine for these guys to have girlfriends just work on your jumper. Every NBA players spend probably more time than you realize with women just ran away at it. Like, dude, we think that no one else on the team has a girlfriend or is trying to go women were six girlfriends like this. They're they're young MBA. Like just because it's the problem is he's with the Jenner. And everyone's always January going to ruin his game that he came back. He didn't shoot not wrong. Not not. I mean, it's the reality of the jenner's. But this on Ben son on his girlfriend, eight seventy nine ninety four night for Nixon bucks county. What's going on? Nick. Hey, what's up do? Man. What's up pretty good? So talking really fast ball for a little bit Bryce Harper. I know we love you think there's any starting pitchers are relievers that we can target as well during the celsius. Yeah. There's a lot. I mean spent the relief the relief pitching market. Nick is actually it's it's too big. It's saturated. I think the Phillies or anybody else could get a really good relief pitcher for at a pretty cheap price considering there's so many Andrew Miller. Craig kimbrel is going to get the most money, but Miller's out there Britain's out there. There's a there's a bunch of good relievers. They could add through free as the starting pitching is an as deep, but they could get a guy or Nick, I think they might trade for a starter. I could see a scenario where you know, they signed Harper they signed a reliever, and then they kind of shift some things around they figure out who they really believe in with these young players. And then maybe if they don't believe in one of them, they they kind of package him with somebody else for a starter. Yeah. I agree. You you think that Blake snow is going to be available is he he's not a contract. Accents a good question. I don't know if Blake's now does the raised like to do that thing where they sign a guy to buy out his arbitration years. I don't think he's resigned yet. Nick. I love him. He's great. He he's one of the Cy Young. I think that the raise the way they they operate down there because they have no money anyone's available ever if you make the right offer. But it would take a lot to get Blake's all lots, and you think maybe like during the saucers and especially with the price. We're gonna pay for Bryce Harper. It's not worth it to pay about high. Well, I mean, it it depends on what it is. I mean, if you're giving up four or five prospects. Yeah. Look, I look I would considering if they actually put Blake's though on the market you just had a one point one eighty are eight point nine year. A I would consider it. And I would love to Phillies said I think your idea though, is is probably what they're thinking about it. They probably are looking at trying to get a young starting pitcher who signed up for at least two or three years before free agency and add him to this mix. I I think that's the ideal kind of trade. Yeah. I love I'm hoping I'm hoping 'cause I'm I'm a big fanatic. I really do this team turns around, and I think they could acquire some good players, and I know a couple of weeks ago. Maybe you brought it up you bring up the fact that big cook consider trading. Call Mike Cal Franko. Yeah. We just looked it up. So he's got three years of of team control of Snell. So you have to pay a lot if you're getting three years as far as franca. Yeah. It's it's amazing. Nick, the way all the beat writers seem to talk about it and write about it. It's almost like it's a foregone conclusion in their minds that the Broncos gone, and it's just a matter of time. So I think he could probably get a good relief pitcher back from Michael. I'm over. Thank you so much. You got it. Nick..

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