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Fives. Let's check in with Phil Hulett. You see those LED signs on the freeway saying keep an eye out in slow for pedestrians at all times at any time on the freeway. Well, it has happened on the one ten south in south Los Angeles a car hit a pedestrian at right at the MLK on ramp. And so you're going to look for emergency responders in a lot of slowing through this area, south, Los Angeles. One ten south at MLK all lanes are blocked the two ten west in San demus. This is right at the fifty seven junction as many as five cars may be involved in this wreck which also includes a big rig, and I fully expect this to become a Sigler if not for all lanes for most of them because there are vehicles in each lane at the moment, it's just gonna come down to which ones can move under their own power. Get ahead of this. You can still exit. It sandy miss avenue. Go under the freeway and then make a right on Alan along the way, you're going to get to the Fifty-seven you'll see on ramp signs for that. If you want to get back to the to ten west us lone hill crashing Glendale northbound two little before you get to the mountain exit car in a delivery truck collided. The car is facing the wrong way. They're blocking the second lane for the right? And it looks like either one or both of them gonna need a tow truck to get out of their garden grove twenty two west right after you pass brookhurst. A truck accidentally dropped a chair it's sitting in the middle lane. And in the kane'ohe grade Cal trans has coned off. The two middle lanes of the the two left lanes that is of the one on one south from Camarillo springs to the truck scales. To install a new K rail traffic packs from pleasant valley road. Your next report is at eight thirty five I'm filth. Hewlett. With more traffic reports more often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. We're gonna have a nice day into the mid eighties and town low nineties the valleys right now, sixty six in downtown LA, the latest on Florence and the aftermath of the hurry. Mccain. It's going to take a while to clean things up. That's coming up in just a couple of minutes central.

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