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Building a maserati is a lot higher than it is me buying a ferrari and let's face it many kids have lamborghinis and ferraris on their wall of their bedroom boys and girls always want to own them when they become adults and very few of us get the chance so my chance of running a maserati who share an awful lot with ferrari by the way is a lot higher maserati and ferrari share engines or what tends to happen is that the b twelve ferrari get four cylinders lopped off and they get put into maserati and then then the next part of that company taking a step two more affordable is alfa romeo and that that's really what the next hour of the show is dedicated to it's the italian brands maserati and ferrari maserati and alfa romeo wishes ferrari alfa romeo so we're gonna start off talking to ben lyon about the stelvio this is the brand new vehicle that they have put together over at alfa romeo this is an interesting vehicle because suv's aware american sales are those companies that concentrate on sedans are having a really hard time right now sedans used to be the backbone of the car industry they no longer are what's happening with sedans is americans want more utility they want more usability out of their vehicle they wanna throw more gear in the back and that means everyone's going to ask you vis with gas prices so low it makes an awful lot of sense in fact jd power and associates saying that sixty percent of sales of vehicle in this month will be light trucks and ask you vis when we see light trucks everything from pickup trucks all the way down to the smallest suv like the ford echoes board that's where the meat and potatoes of car sales on our vehicle sales right there out of the seventeen and a half eighteen million that we sell in the united states the strong sales are in light trucks which is including all of those vehicles so maserati have moved into suv's so have alfa romeo alfa romeo's i says he was the stelvio it came out with the top three hundred something holds power this week was.

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