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It doesn't get any better than this radio 77 w A. B C Find me to the moon. Let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words, Hold my hand. Another way, Brother. We talk about all the great people from Brooklyn and the Bronx. You know, Bond's tomato was born in Brooklyn to see you know what I do know? Okay? Yes, He's not there yet. Okay? No, Alphonse what We were scheduled to speak Alphonse D'Amato, who was a great statesman, former senator here in New York, and he's calling centered a pothole. The reason for that was because he Whenever there was a problem locally, he'd get it fixed. He was good. He took care of New York. And that's why Ah, he was great for New York. He was one of the best senators New York ever had. And he's a proud Italian. He was at a believe it or not a fundraiser for our owner and potential future Mayor John Katzman TD's over the weekend. They were at this fund raiser. Pete King was there as well. But right now we're awaiting a phone call from Alphonse D'Amato, who happens to be my neighbor. By the way, you know that believe that And as you guys will often walk short list together on the boardwalk in Ah, Long Beach. We will sit on a bench shirtless and and discuss the issues of the day. Right while we absorb some of that. Some of those rays now we're also minute neighbors. Really? This is true. We're also neighbors with the guy who wrote the Who helped write the No. Cash bail law. Oh, yeah. Kaminsky, Senator State Senator Todd Kaminski. Eso we Ah, we make some strange bedfellows out there and in my hood in Long Island. But he's not there yet. So will you let me know when he calls in yesterday. Last night, they arrested this dude, has she Tischler and has she is hilarious. Has she is? Ah, look that he was apparently accused of Ah, beating up or inciting people beat up a Jewish reporter named Jacob Corn Blow. But he was arrested last night when he was arrested. He says that the police or law enforcement broke a deal with them. This What has she said? Listen, you're coming to arrest me now. Linda. I told you they were gonna trick me. I called. I called even smoked, achieved until a trick me telling everybody that I was supposed to be arrested tomorrow. We're going to have to beat me up now. Yeah, he's gonna hit me now. Yeah, watch. I'm listening, but you're arresting me when we made a deal with them. Supposed to be. She is behind bars right now. A man do I feel safe is behind bars. Oh, it's so funny. Is that the Orthodox Jews this out burled park. They went to that, after mention reporters house and they're shouting Jewish lives matter, and they're shouting, No Heshy, no peace and they're waving trump flags the whole time. It's absolutely hilarious on Andrew Cuomo is what he said. About Heshy on Friday. He actually singled out Has she Tesla? Which no doubt is the reason why he was arrested. Take a Listen Andrew a tweet from Has she has she Fischler. I'm reading it. URGENT Colon Who can print quote Homo Hates Jews. Close call and quote won't killed thousands on flags. Uh, Our Clea out Division. How poisonous How discussed the power for our painful man. Now you know, President Trump feels, don't you, Andrew Cuomo. Almost poison. Hurtful, painful, divisive thing. You don't like it, do you? You don't like when you were. Well, how about when your brother Fredo and his and company do it to the president? I don't like how come he's not? Ah! Not being honored at any point today. Ah, he's Italian. Well, he's hijacked the mother, Cabrini think. Oh, he hijacked that. You're right. We'll do that. Hey did to you and you and I and ah and chest..

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