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The standard deduction was raised to $24,400 for a married couple because of the limit of $10,000 for state and local taxes. More people are using the standard deduction instead of itemizing Rachel Cohn, CEPA and managing partner. It's a cone coast up in company says this year. If you and your partner are over age 65 you will each receive an additional deduction. Should they get initial 1300 each, which is another 2600. We had that to the 24 400. They're going to get a standard deduction. The sheriff $27,000 that is subtracted from the total income to come up with the taxable income. Jack Owen says the standard deduction works out for some people. But if your state and local taxes are far in excess of $10,000, and you work in a state other than the one you live in The standard deduction doesn't work out well, particularly for people living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California. I'm Alice stacked in Rossini. Since you are entering the Freedom Hut, a place liberty and patriotism call home shoulder to shoulder to come together. She'll sign to protect America is the Buck Sexton show Buck Sexton joins us Now We're CIA analyst, former NYPD intelligence officer. Now, Buck Sexton. What is the latest on? What should we take from this shooting in Boulder, Colorado,.

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