George Nader, Seychelle Islands, India discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The grab berg graham sound bite number twentyeight i meant to mention this earlier in the busy broadcast that the latest bombshell on the muller investigation a day is uh apparently there's there's a story that that uh involves i don't know how to pronounce this it says he why c h e l l e e s i've never heard it pronounce luckily it's france i've got a gas added five look at us i seashells i know it's not seashells but that's how it looks to me say shea or some such thing uh nobody knows where this seychelle islands are actually off the coast of india part of the subcontinent uh if you're going to be in the american state department or if you're going to run for president have to know what the subcontinent is and when you're talking about southern india you don't say southern in the you have to say to subcontinent that's how bush prove that he was worthy of being elected because condie rice confirmed that bush knew what the subcontinent was never forget it anyway that's where muller's investigation has gone now to the seychelle islands off the coast of in job the washington post is reporting today that the of george nader got that nobody ever heard of until this week george nader is telling muller's inquisition that the trump team via eric prints who is the former ceo of black water and you know what black water is black water is then youthful mercenary brunch at was door all kinds of behindthescenes deals in afghanistan in a rock basically paid military muscle black water they were teaching us how to torture and they were doing torture and all and they were haven despised while eric france ran the organization and saw the washington post says it george nader is telling muller's inquisition that the trump team by way of black water held a meeting in the say shade just a week before the inauguration to try to establish a back channel to the russian government summak 26 sorry twenty eight here's pencil neck he's all hot about it he's all hot adam schiff we need a jockstrap here to keep the guy contain who these my hope that we're going to have mr nader uh special counsel permitting come before our committee at the appropriate time.

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