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Dine, what's happening? Spin outs and rollovers in the downpour between Springfield and newington on fairfax county Parkway, southbound before franconia, Parkway near who's road, car flipped over on the left side, northbound tough to see with the road spray in the wet weather. And on I 95 in the express lane, southbound passed the fairfax county Parkway overpass, one went sideways, and that one's blocking the right side, easy past traffic slowly getting by to the left, better visibility, but worse traffic on the main line south of there Friday volume delays, southbound long delays through Stafford county, northbound heavy and slow through Fredericksburg, and from dumfries, audit off into woodbridge, newington, and Springfield, and right onto the outer loop through Alexandria toward the Wilson bridge. Its volume delays. But toward the American legion bridge, it's worse than that. The crash on the outer loop between Georgetown pike and the dullest toll road, wreckers are working on it, but the two left lanes on the outer loop are blocked before the dullest hole road and traffic is backed up big time in a Montgomery county back to about old Georgetown road in southbound from before democracy boulevard on the spur. You're going to be hitting the brakes because of this crash on the outer loop in fairfax county. In prince George's county, the wreck on the outer loop between two O two and route 50, still blocking the right lane and that's got traffic backed up to near Pennsylvania avenue at the bay bridge, two way traffic, eastbound heaviest near the severan river. Westbound very slow with only two lanes going west, delays began back before castle, Marina, road, and also heavy eastbound on the shore toward a crash reported near Bloomingdale, road, and another one reported closer to four O four. I 70 westbound heavy and slow from 94 to 27 before the mount airy exit, the crash was blocking the left side. And a crash in jessup blocking one 75 at points between wiggly avenue and Dorsey run road Ashley's beat the heat event is going on now, rose and rows of beautiful Ashley furniture at the hottest savings take an extra 10% off your purchase with no interest financing

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