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Experiment charles's book cooled a thousand days wonder it blew my mind out of my nose an onto the book it will it will messy never want to be with you in the library takes a little journey to get to the mindblowing pardon but luckily i'll let charles explained the whole thing happens in a room yeah you put into this room which is covered completely wiped the wolves wiped ceilings wi with wounds sorts all y alway everything's one and you can tell way you out to the extent that some of the wolves along with another so when you're a lo young rectangles what you're just go yeah survey tang deliver are you with me so far i'm with you so if i if he just to give you sense of the baseline conditions here imagine you were a rat in this room and somebody comes along heights an object in one corner of the room what it can be anything if iraq's reduce foods like a biscuit as in the yet the high to biscuit one of the four corners among corner you see it occurred but before you can get to it they pick you up by your tailspin you around a bunch of times missy during their way you all you don't know which direction you're facing and then they say right now go find the biscuit if he do this with the rat what will happen is it will say all right let me go find the biscuit and it will gary who one corn which looks rights but of course the room also looks like that if she turned around two hundred ninety degrees and face exactly the opposite direction because it's a rectangle so they get it right about fifty percent of the time because corners of rectangles of two of them identical yeah all right so we get on with us because i am well aware of this is just need to get that out of the way of part is coming up i hope so what the experiment next is they took one of the four white walls and he turned to blue so imagine this scenario in your in this room get these four white walls heart rather three way walls one of them is.

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