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Must come to an end. And unfortunately that is what happened on Sunday for your Houston. Texans and in turn our show. Texans. Replay welcome in everybody. I'm your host John Harris football analysts and saw reporter for your Houston Texans and the host of Texas replay. And we've had a great run of Texas replay shows recapping tremendous wins all the way through from the overtime win against Indianapolis from an unforgettable night against the Dallas Cowboys to in-incredibly scary game against buffalo. That was saved by Jonathan Joseph to a dominating performance in Jacksonville. Equally dominating performance against the Miami Dolphins. Then the Denver Broncos by this just the the hair and UTD chin Chen to a scintillating win in Washington. To Monday night dominating on forgettable night. Celebrating the life of Bob McNair and a win over the Tennessee titans to beating Baker Mayfield up in the first half. What a run it was nine wins in a row came to Sunday twenty four twenty one to the Indianapolis Colts. And I think there are a few things to take out of that game. And. Think is the Texans. Just we didn't play well in that game. Kind of the way that we played the first three games. And yet they're down by three with an opportunity in the fourth quarter. Didn't get to stop in the fourth quarter made some mistakes throughout the game not turnover mistakes, but just stakes and didn't play clean game. And Indianapolis played very very well came in new there football lives for twenty eighteen were on the line because they lose that one six and seven chances are getting the playoffs are very slim now seventy six there very much alive considering other seven and six teams that are alive with them. The ravens the dolphins who colts beat the titans. The colts beat. So the colts are right probably where they need to be at this point. But they needed to have that win, and they came in and played with a sense urgency and not said, Texas didn't but just colts day. But on the show, we take a look back. So we always take a look back at the. The game that we just completed and we're going to do that. We're also gonna take a look back at the streak itself. And because we do look back. That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna look back at the streak for a segment, and then we're going to go back to and rewind to the day that deandre Hopkins blew up redesigned, we'll talk about that later, but we gotta start with. We always do our ultimate eleven plays of the most previous game and that being the Annapolis colts. Now, we gotta jump right in. We're not going to not going to belabor. I guess too much on this. Well with wins. We would stretch out a little bit. Celebrate the things that happened but not going to do that as much with the loss. So we're gonna jump right in at number eleven and number eleven is a guy that I think is continued to play very very well the last probably three four weeks maybe more Christian Covington he has really turned his game up a notch and Andrew luck out in a really nice groove. Unfortunately. Early in this game and about mid second quarter. I should say early because the first quarter and half was a struggle. But by the middle second quarter. That's when it really kinda clicked and then the Texans started getting some heat on him in late third quarter. And then he didn't do anything for the fourth quarter. And part of that getting heat on him was Christian Covington cov- came up with this sack on Andrew luck is Cup starts to pile up some numbers playing very very well. Especially on pass rush downs. Here's Christy Covington number with the second. Andrew luck. Third of.

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